Engine Swap 1996-2004 Need Advice


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Oct 26, 2016
I have a 1996 mustang Gt that has a bad motor in it, I am going to be swapping it out with a low mileage complete engine from a 2004 both being romeo engines, I want to use as many of the new engine parts as possible with that being said what I am i looking at here? is my fuel system and wiring harness gonna plug and play? will i be able to use my original coil pack type ignition to simplify it some? I am pretty good with a wrench but just not sure how compatible this stuff is. Any help would be great
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Jun 2, 2005
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You will swap your front cover, cam covers, accessories, coil packs, brackets etc onto the new engine. If the engine/intake is not from a car then it may not have the provision for the rear heater core hose and you'll have to fab something up or drill the intake.


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Aug 14, 2009
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Put both motors on an engine stand. Make the new one "look" like the old one. Take pictures of every stage of the swap. Re-use the original:
  • motor wiring harness
  • ignition coil packs.
  • fuel induction
  • IAC valve
The goal here is to make the new motor look electrically like the old motor.

There will be some "issues" with:
  • the 2nd temperature sensor. Either use a coolant drain plug or tap the manifold coolant crossover.
  • the oil level sensor in the oil pan. Swap the oil pan to keep the level sensor.
  • the PCV line size. The newer motor will have larger PCV lines.
  • the heater return line through the engine valley. If this were my project I would get a heater return line from a 2001 GT and mate it to the flexible line from the firewall.
However, all of the issues can be over come without a lot of fan fair. Don't over think this. This is a "do'able" swap.
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