Engine Camshaft questions and supercharger


May 4, 2019
Want to slap a supercharger on my 1988 foxbody but I have some questions. i have a Crower stage 3 camshaft. Specs
Lobe Separation of112
Intake lift .112
Exhaust lift .131

I got it from a buddy, and I was doing some research on it and I noticed it said not compatible with computer controller cars. My car runs fine but I was curious if it was dragging may car down and if it would be good for boost applications

Cars specs-
dss e series forged racing pistons
Stock rods
Arp connection rod bolts
New oil pump
Bored .30 over
Honed and machined block
Arp oil pump drive shaft
Hastings rings
Clevite bearings
Crower stage 3 camshaft
Svo turbo swirl aluminum gt40 aluminum heads just redid them this week with new guides, seats 130 pound springs, and surfaced.
Svo roller rockers 1.6
Chromolly tfs pushrods stock length 6.250
Trickflow track hear intake upper and lower
Bbk 24 pound injector maf And tunnel tuned
24ib injectors
shorty headers
Arp head bolts
3:55 gears and a t5
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