1. M

    What's it Worth? Valuation?? 1984 Mustang Notchback coupe, 5.0 5-speed, sunroof, Very Rare

    Thinking about selling very original 1984 Mustang LX notchback coupe. Would appreciate thoughts as to what would be a fair price to ask. thanks 5.0 5-speed Pristine Interior is 100% original Exterior is 80% original paint 86k miles No rust Original spare has never been on ground Has to be one...
  2. A

    Foxbody is possessed and will only fire up sometimes help

    See video: https://youtube.com/shorts/JqyXVvnrC_4?feature=share I have a 1992 5.0 that is having really weird issues. with the key in the run position it will do this sometimes and the fuel pump spazzes out you can hear it in the video and you can also hear a weird beeping type of noise. Car...
  3. S

    Bad idle and sputtering when hot

    I have a 92 mustang 5.0 with some mods done. when cold started it has a rough idle unless I unplug the iac the rpm’s drop the way they should. it’ll drive fine for about 10 mins and then it’ll bog completely on its face past half throttle and will eventually die if you don’t pull over and let it...
  4. 9

    Electrical swapped 92, no spark

    i have a 1992 mustang that was a 4cyl/auto, i swapped to a 5.0/t5 from an 86, trying to get it running currently. i got no spark, i have a new coil, distributor, wires and plugs but nothing. i checked wiring too. heres the deal, the 4cyl either didn't have the same coil plug or i cut it and dont...
  5. ‘90BlueFox

    What is this for

    What is the hole for above the fuel pump hole. What goes there
  6. K

    Brakes 96-04 5 lug brake swap

    Now i know this is already been done been hashed out but that should only help to keep this thread related to swapping 96-04 brakes onto a fox… that being said i have a 94 gt booster and master cylinder with 04 front calipers 94 rear end, i have the rock auto specials stop tech ceramic pads no...
  7. N

    Electrical 89 lx 4 to 8 with a 93 harness

    I know, I know. Another guy with the wrong parts trying to make it work. Well… I did make it work. Sorta. I have an 89 lx 4cyl that I swapped in a 93 5.0 along with the 93 ecu and harness while keeping the 89 body harness. With some wire jumping I did get the car to run and drive great with the...
  8. J

    Need help identifying this engine

    I just bought this 87 GT and I’m trying to decipher the engine stamping numbers/letters. It’s got the high output firing order but that’s all I know. Any help is greatly appreciated
  9. F

    SN95 94 clutch fork cover

    Recently the clutch fork cover on my 1994 GT fell off. I cant find a replacement for the life of me. Online I can only find 96 and up and 93 and below. Any ideas where I can find a new one?
  10. 1994 Mustang Cobra

    1994 Mustang Cobra

    Cervini's 2000 Cobra R Hood
  11. M

    For Sale 1989 LX 5.0 5spd for sale

    I am posting my 89 LX for sale. I have owned the car for about two years and have worked hard to make it very nice. It has new tires, brakes, shocks, struts, AC system, aluminum radiator, throttle body and EGR spacer, valve covers, seats, shifter, rebuilt T5, alternator and wiring, rear end...
  12. 8

    Engine Trouble starting

    I’m having problems with getting my new 87 5.0 lx to run properly and as well as when trying to start it I have to loosen the distributor and turn the timing up and down while the car is cranking to get it to start, once it does start and I set the timing to 10 degrees btc it’s runs good till it...
  13. D


    There was clacking under my valve cover took it off and some of the rockers were loose so I bought all new pushrods,lifters, and valve springs all stock sizes . Putting it back together everything is torqued but all the rockers are loose except for the ones with the lifters that are fully pushed...
  14. N

    I want to find what this marking means/ the person who built this car before me

    Ok, I bought this 91 mustang about 6 months ago. It’s a 306 trick flow top end, throttle body, bbk unequal length headers, maf blah blah blah you know the deal. I am 19 and was 18 when I bought it so it was a lot of car for me. I always wondered who built this thing because it was built very...
  15. M

    no spark or fuel pump priming swap ecu

    I bought a pimpxs second hand. I sent to them everything came back good. Im having problems. I had my a9p ecu in it everything worked till it started leaking and then not fuel pump. I got the pimpxs and everything. Check the jumpers there all in the right places. But when I install it in the...
  16. M

    Please Help, Experiencing Foxbody Issues

    I recently purchased a 1990 v8 5.0 GT mustang and the engine fluctuates from about 800rpm-2500rpm when in neutral, high idle. We replaced the o2 sensors, the EGR valve, cleaned the air filter, and replaced the air flow sensor. It now doesn't idle as high, fluctuating from around 750rpm-1500 rpm...
  17. 1

    2g alternator issues during idle.

    Just recently replaced my 1989 lx 5.0 alternator with a new 75 Amp 2g alternator. Had to crimp in the white wire and two black with range striped wires to the vehicles harness. I've noticed while idling the battery stays around 12v. When accelerating the voltage goes up as if the alternator...
  18. zackmatias


    Hey everyone, I have an 89 GT. When I have it idling with the clutch out (pedal not pushed in) it will always rev up to like 3000 and stay however when it idles with the clutch pushed in it idles fine. I know the mods don’t have anything to do with it because it was doing this last year before I...
  19. zackmatias

    Hello from Canada!

    Hey everyone, new to these forums. I have a 89 GT and absolutely love it! I’m more of a do it yourself kind of person rather than someone else working on my car which is why I joined these forums.
  20. M

    Engine Running Issue after rebuild

    1987 5.0 Manual, timing chain broke after I finally had it running well Rebuilt with an upgraded cam. Original heads with a valve kit. Gear driven timing. Newer explorer intake Harness and A9L computer out of an 89 for the MAF conversion. EGR deleted since it has a newer explorer intake. All...