1. 91_Boostednotch

    Engine Cam ID HelP!!!!

    This camshaft was removed from my 302 and I have been unable to find any information on it. Any help would be appreciated. I have called COMP and they were unable to tell me anything. Thanks in advance!!! Some of the numbers are the following 0019SS, 201824, 449358, 44-07-01
  2. J

    Top end Kit....Anderson or TF?

    In the market for a new HCI setup for my 86' fox. Currently running cobra upper and lower with a b cam making 240 to the wheels. I've searched the forums for opinions on the Anderson 6200rpm NA top end kit but only found older ones. They now include a Holley Systemax II upper and lower which is...
  3. 5

    Top End Reccomendations

    I've been wanting to do like a top end kit on my 87 LX for a while now. Looking to see what everyone recommends for heads, cam, intake, tb size, fuel injector combination that works well together. Keep in mind i would like to do a stroker kit either a 331 or 347, and would like a top end...
  4. D

    stock rocker arms breaking

    So i currently have a 93 lx 5.0 mustang with keith black 116 domed pistons, a Lunati Voodoo .571/.587 lift .282/.290 duration and a 110 degree lobe separation cam, now i have the stock junk E7 heads which have been ported and this is supposed to be a budget build and later on it will have a set...
  5. jeannelle101

    Best block / parts for Turbo build

    Hey guys, I was in the final stages of putting an on3 turbo kit on my 04 mustang GT. Then a leakdown and compression test showed that I have some pretty bad rings in cylinders 3 and 6. So instead of tuning I want to build the engine. My goal is somewhere around 800whp. I want to keep it...
  6. elio3848


    I have a 1995 mustang gt automatic with a built engine, it has a 331 stroker kit, stage 2 trick flow top end kit that comes with the trick flow stage 2 camshaft and full exhaust with x pipe high flow mufflers and around 10.5/1 compression. I just bought this car and the past owner gave me 2 SCT...
  7. 9

    Need Help on what I need - New to the game

    Hey people. I am new to the fox game and I am looking to put some money into my car. I am working with a bone stock 92 5.0 LX. this car runs strong and really does not have any issues. any help on what I should do first to the car would be great. I am looking to make a nice weekend driver and...
  8. Ian Ranchero

    Experience with summit cams and lifters?

    Howdy all. Looking to beef up my 67 289. I have 4bbl intake and carb, headers and duals. Any have experience with the summit cams? Loce to hear what guys have ran in thier 289s for street performance. Heres the one i am looking at... thoughts...
  9. T

    Low Dyno Numbers Help!

    hopefully somebody can point me in the right direction. So over the past month are so I installed trick flow twisted wedge 170 heads along with and Anderson n-41 camshaft in my 93 cobra. I had matt moss port my lower cobra intake to match the heads. Here’s where I’m stumped.. I took the car to...
  10. J

    Expired Ford V8 Cam Tool Kit For Sale - $150

    If interested, please contact me via email at [email protected]. I'm based in Phoenix, AZ. Ford V8 Cam Tool Kit 6498 by OTC. Includes: -525216 Camshaft Positioning Tool -525217 Camshaft Holding Tool -525218 Secondary Timing Chain Tensioner Tool -525219 Crankshaft Positioning...
  11. acoddo

    How Much Hp/tq Will These Upgrades Get Me?

    Alright gents, this weekend is finally when I'm starting to add some power under the hood. I'll attach some pics of what I'm running now, and the hardware going in. Wondering how much power gain I'll see from all this stuff, the big three are: 1993 cobra intake F303 cam Aluminum GT40 heads BBK...
  12. S

    393w Camshaft & Opinions

    I am building a 393w for my 1995 gt. '94 up 351w block. I am needing help with the camshaft, as i have everything else and i'm wanting to get the motor finished ASAP. 393w Scat rods and crank Mahle forged pistons Edelbrock performer rpm heads(ported) Edelbrock air gap intake (ported) Holley...
  13. T

    H/c/i With Hp/tq Numbers

    just wondering what some of you guys that have swapped the H/C/I what you swapped it for and what you got for specs on the dyno and rpm range
  14. T

    Sn95 Cam Swap Without Pulling Motor?

    anyone know if its possible to swap the cam in the sn95 1994-1995 mustang 5.0 302 without pulling the motor? thanks in advance
  15. W

    Engine Best Cam For Application?

    Hi, I have a 1997 Mustang GT that is pretty much bone stock other than a cai. I want to do a PI swap and throw aftermarket cams in while I'm at it. What's a good set of cams and valve springs that have a decent sound & output? Any advice is greatly apriciated. Thanks, Keith
  16. M

    Engine Shattering Noise From Engine At 4000rpm

    Shattering noise coming from the engine not sure if its rod knock or the bearings. It happens when I press on the accelerator, the higher the rpm goes the louder the shattering sound gets.
  17. accarguy

    New Member - 5.0 Cam Upgrade

    Hi there I am new to this site and I actually do not have a mustang, but I do have a 2000 Explorer with the 5.0L. I am going to be upgrading the cam and I was hoping some body that has some experience with doing so could I've me some feedback about which cam to go with. Right now have found a...
  18. S

    Engine Trick Flow Twisted Wedge Heads, Stage 2 Cam, 1.7 Roller Rockers, Will It Work?

    Will a set of twisted wedge heads with 1.7RRs that I got for free and a stage 2 track max cam work without PtV problems. Another question. With a JLT cai, stock manifold (gonna get one later) 70mm throttle body, headers, and a flowmaster exhaust, What size injectors will I need with this stuff...
  19. F

    Help Picking A Cam

    I have a stock bottom end afr heads gt40 tubular intake with ported lower want to know how much lift I can go with
  20. FOR SALE 1991 Mustang walk around

    FOR SALE 1991 Mustang walk around

    walk around to show how straight and clean it is. It has a big lumpy cam but the wind was too much and the sound is bad.