stock rocker arms breaking


Sep 5, 2020
So i currently have a 93 lx 5.0 mustang with keith black 116 domed pistons, a Lunati Voodoo .571/.587 lift .282/.290 duration and a 110 degree lobe separation cam, now i have the stock junk E7 heads which have been ported and this is supposed to be a budget build and later on it will have a set of blue print muscle car series heads on it, also has a weiand 8020 intake with a holley 650dbl pump carb and long tubes....i installed the cam used stock push rods and rocker arms....bent a few sets of the push rods, so i ordered chromoly comp cam push rods, because JEGS said it was necessary (all the push rods from stock to the chromoly ones are all 6.248'' stock length) I installed those today, torqued it down, fired it up and boom broke 2 rocker arms one of which was in two pieces and one of them the push rod went through where the rocker arm rests on it, replaced them with stock ones again because my thought was they were hurt from the previous push rods bending, then broke 2 more....the weirdest thing is its only on the intake side and only on cylinders 1-4 nothing is wrong with cylinders 5-8, so i again thought well it must of broke the other 2 that was weak....first start was cylinders 2 and 4 second start was cylinder 1 and 3, a close friend of mine said the stock rockers dont move far enough for that big of a cam, another friend said the cam is to big.....any help would be much appreciated! and THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!!!


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Welcome to Stangnet my friend. Lets get you over to the Fox section where these guys will be stumbling in to answer this question and THANK YOU for the Pictures included.

Sorry to hear this happened. I am sure someone here has had a similar issue at some point.

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