1. Jonatan Issa

    Cluster lights

    Hello guys! I have a 1993 fox and the lights of the cluster I thinks is called warning lights don’t come out. Only check engine,low coolant and battery light come out In one of the photos is a connector that I don’t know what it do Sorry for my bad English
  2. Jonatan Issa


    Yesterday my 93 fox was running like it has no fuel and it has fuel. Today was when I drive it was all good. The first day I buy it did the same thing
  3. 9

    What's it Worth? 5.0 Cobra intake

    What the value of a used Fox (not SN95) Ford Racing Cobra intake? Its one of the China-made ones but does have the larger oil baffle underneath.
  4. 9

    Electrical swapped 92, no spark

    i have a 1992 mustang that was a 4cyl/auto, i swapped to a 5.0/t5 from an 86, trying to get it running currently. i got no spark, i have a new coil, distributor, wires and plugs but nothing. i checked wiring too. heres the deal, the 4cyl either didn't have the same coil plug or i cut it and dont...
  5. opihinalu

    Drivetrain How to identify year of rear end?

    Hey all, I’m shopping for an 8.8 for my fox and I found this on Facebook market place. The guy doesn’t know if it’s an 8.8 or what year it comes from. He says 94-04. Can anyone tell me how to identify? Or just identify for me with this pic? Also, will 94-98 mustang rear ends all bolt up to my fox?
  6. opihinalu

    Brakes 5 lug disc conversion

    Hey all. I am in the middle of a suspension refresh and I feel like now would be a good time to put discs on the rear as well. There is a guy near me selling a 5 lug disc 4.10 rear end. Besides that, what kind of parts do I need? Also I have read that you need a new master cylinder, why is that?
  7. P

    Torn torque boxes

    Hey guys so about a year ago i picked up a 1989 lx hatch and recently my torque box has torn the car sat somewhere for a while so it’s a bit rusty underneath but it’s cracked in half and it’s cracked the floor, how should i go about fixing this? a friend of mine said he could make me a brace...
  8. F

    No power to fuel pump

    I have a 87 foxbody mustang gt 5.0 and recently I have lost power to my fuel pump I have replaced the fuel pump relay and the ecc relay I am out of ideas can somebody help
  9. A

    Sn95 Gt Rear end in ‘91 Fox 5.0

    Howdy, I still have the stock rear end in my ‘91 5.0 and I’m looking to 5 lug swap it. I have seen other threads touch on the topic but I want to ask the detailed questions about swapping the Gt Sn95 rear end to the fox body. Will everything screw into the frame when doing the swap? What...
  10. J

    pf body floor plug and grommet utility?

    hi . im about to replace my floor pan and i want to know what is the floor plug drain and grommet utiliy.
  11. D

    Need help with suspension, wheel + tire size, 91 Fox SN95 5 Lug

    Hey guys, I recently purchased a SN95 5 lug conversion kit with 94-95 spindles, Cobra front and rear brakes, and fox length axels. I plan on lowering the car around 1 inch, and wanted to ask some questions regarding ride height and suspension setups, I am thinking of buying adjustable...
  12. I

    86 GT No Crank No Click No start

    So, I took the car to a welder for floor pans, got the car back and I had to get a new battery… Got the new battery, fixed the terminal connections. I’m running into an issue now where the car won’t start. I am able to start the car by creating a connection with a screwdriver to the solenoid.
  13. S

    For Sale Ford lock set w/ignition key & lock, door & trunk locks E7ZZ-6121984-B

    Ford lock set with Ignition key and lock Doors and trunk locks only - DOOR KEY IS MISSING E7ZZ-6121984-B This was a spare lock set that came with a project car I bought in 2003 that never materialized. $20 Georgetown, TX Please see my other...
  14. S

    For Sale PA Performance tubular K-member for Ford Mustang 79-93

    PA Performance tubular K-member for Ford Mustang 79-93 This is a brand new, never-used part. I bought it new in early...
  15. S

    For Sale Energy Suspension rear spring isolators - 79-95 Ford Mustang 4.6101G

    I'm selling a set of Energy Suspension rear spring isolators, part number 4.6101G, which says they fit 79-95 Mustangs. I bought this new in 2003 for an 88 couple build but that project never materialized. The parts have been stored in my dad's garage in Midland, TX (dry climate) until now...
  16. S

    For Sale Energy Suspension front upper and lower spring isolators - 86-96 Ford Mustang 4.6102G (Georgetown, TX)

    I'm selling a set of Energy Suspension front upper and lower spring isolators, part number 4.6102G, which says they fit 86-96 Mustangs. I bought this new in 2003 for an 88 couple build but that project never materialized. The parts have been stored in my dad's garage in Midland, TX (dry climate)...
  17. S

    For Sale All parts from 408 build that never materialized - all brand new! (Georgetown, TX)

    I'm selling all parts -- all new -- for a 408 small block Ford build, plus some tools and Fox Mustang chassis parts, listed in the appropriate classifieds sections. I bought all of these parts new in late 2002 to early 2003, had the block and crank machined at Arlington Machine Shop, assembled...
  18. opihinalu

    Progress Thread Starting a progress thread for my 86 GT.

    Hi all! I have owned my car for almost 2 years and daily drove it for a little over a year before I decided to start working on it. My goal is to make it into a nice street car doing a little bit of drag stuff for fun. I’m 18 and I have never worked on any car before this one and I have...
  19. A

    Help with value

    Hey yall, Im looking into trading my 2011 GT for a fox body and I found one, but unsure of its value and whether it would be a good trade. 93 GT Hatch with a Tangerine Orange paintjob, 351w stroked to 408 with a DSS kit, ATI powerglide with a Neal Chance 3800 stall, custom bullet cam, muffler...
  20. AydenTv

    Engine My Foxbody Firing order is different

    I got this 89 LX Convertible with the 5.0 motor.. wemt to change distrubutor cap but first checked to see how the plug wires went on google.. 137 blah blah was every 5.0 HO motor firing order.. i noticed it was different.. it has tje 154 non HO 302 firing order.. idk why... it looks just like a...