1. Pinkcloud

    91 Fox Gt Map Light

    Hello I have a 91 GT with factory sunroof and would like to replace the swivel map light , are there any lights that are easily adaptable or drop in ? Not digging the snake light at all :/ Thanks
  2. RaggedGT

    Progress Thread The Ragged Gt Thread-little To No Progress Made-Garage Art

    Alright guys, after two years of neglect-I'm going to fix my mustang. This is the summer I finally change the transmission and replace key parts of the exhaust. But... Until I have the new (to Me.) transmission and other parts-I'm going to work on some other issues First Project-Remove the...
  3. Chris Petti

    Inherited '89 Lx 5.0 Getting Started

    Hello I'm new and don't know a lot about Fords, I have a 68 Dodge Charger R/T as well as a 1956 Cadillac Coupe Deville. I do all my own work and really enjoy wrenching on cars. My newest acquisition a 1989 Mustang LX 5.0 hatch that is nicely equipped but needs that extra umph. I'll post pics...
  4. D

    1991 Gt Foxbody Rough Idle/stalls

    So my 91 GT has been having some idling issues lately. Whenever I start the car it either stalls straight away if I dont step on the gas right away, or the RPMs will just jump around and it will not stay steady, and the eventually stall out. This past summer I took it on a pretty far road trip...
  5. 9

    Brakes Sti Brembo On A Fox

    Alright so i've been able to find myself a nice set of STI brembo's, now i know that there is an old forum already on this topic but i was wondering if anyone had anymore information regarding this topic. like what would i do with the rear e brake cable? i already an full sn95 5 lug swap and i...
  6. Carguydennis

    Street Stomper – 1990 Ford Mustang Gt

    Hello, I'm the "janitor" from Cars Illustrated Magazine and I wanted to share this STREET STOMPER article to give all the FOX guys a chance to check out what we are doing and to submit their car (if you want) to be featured in out Street Stomper section. Cars Illustrated was instrumental in...
  7. L

    92 Fox Starter Problems

    This is my first post so forgive me if this information is elsewhere, I've scoured the interwebs and am out of ideas. Short summary, I have a 92 lx, the motor was starting to go, so i swapped it for a 99 explorer 302. After working out the kinks the starter started crapping out of me (not fully...
  8. RaggedGT

    Favorite Movie/tv Cars/cars In General

    MadMike had a thread going asking what One car would you want if money etc was no object.. And he called me out on posting the Cars of the movie "Bullit" lol So I'm stealing his thread topic(kinda) and asking. What's your favorite Movie/Tv cars or just cars in general?
  9. The Chicagoan

    Hello, New To The Page, Just Bought My First Mustang!

    Hello, I Just bought a 89 fox body notch back and I'm in love. It's my first real project car and my first muscle car. Body is rust free and came with a rebuilt 302 connected to a c4 trans. Welded mini cage, frame ties and little things here and there. 5 lug conversion, soon to have disc...
  10. 88mustang on a budget

    Fox Swapping Foxes

    Howdy guys and gals. Was building a 1988 GT but with the amount of body work it needed I was over whelmed and come to find out the frame had been tweaked in previous owner ship. So with a lot of wheeling dealing and a good buddy of mine. I'm trading a used set of cast aluminum heads pre 2001...
  11. T

    Paint and Body Engine Bay Cracks

    Hey everyone. I'm new to the forums and trying to find my way as I go, so bear with me. (I tried searching all the threads before posting because I realize starting a new thread on something that's already been addressed is exceedingly frustrating, however I found nothing). I'm looking at buying...
  12. Unbound

    Fox Fox Body Blueprints Or Vector Artwork?

    Anyone here have any blueprints or computer vector drawings (like in Adobe Illustrator) of fox body Mustangs? Preferably 79-86, but 87-93 would be better then nothing. I'm trying to get someone to 3D model an 85 Fox and those could help.
  13. A

    Exhaust Flowmaster 40s Too Quiet

    This is a really stupid question but I am confused as hell as to why my foxbody is so quiet. I have bbk longtubes, offroad h pipe, and original 40 series flows... I hear all these videos on YouTube of 40s sounding much much louder than my car. I also may mention that these mufflers have been on...
  14. J

    93 5.0 Fox , Miss Shift , Clutch Wont Engage. Help?

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the Forum and looking for some friendly help. I Just got my Foxbody last year and has been in storage up until a couple weeks ago i got it on the road. Today i was driving and miss shifted into first while coming up too fast at a stop sign. (please keep in mind this is...
  15. P

    My Awd Foxbaudi And I Are New Here!

    Hi everyone my name is Brandon, I live in South Milwaukee Wisconsin and this is my 1988 Mustang we call the FoxbAudi. It's got all the running gear front and rear for a 2000 Audi A6 2.7t and it's been swapped to 6speed and single rear turbo. If you guys would like I can add a full build thread...
  16. M

    93 Mustang Fog Light

    I just ordered a new set of fog lights from Late Model Restoration and I'm having trouble with my stock wiring harness. The lamps do not illuminate and I have full ground at the fog lamp fuse instead of full positive when the key is on, off, or start. I was wondering if anybody had the wiring...
  17. stang89bidges

    Diy 87-93 Mustang Instrument Cluster Led Upgrade And Triple Guage Pod Install

    Decided to make this a write-up outside of my progress thread. My Specs: 1. 1989 Mustang GT(works for 87-93) 2. Mustang Full Length Triple Gauge Pod Kit Black (87-93) 3. 1989 Ford Mustang LED Lights | Super Bright LEDs I got all my bulbs from above). I did my...
  18. JTB

    New Guy With Shelby & Fox Vert

    Hello All: I heard this was the biggest STANG Site of the All, so thought I would join. I have two STANGS; a MODDED 08 GT500 I have owned since new and a 88 Fox VERT that is going into the Paint Booth any day now.
  19. 88LXCoupe09

    Expired Notch Quarter Window

    I've owned various Fox's and recently had to sell the coupe I was building, as I am finishing college and it was getting too expensive for me. Only flaw in the window is a 1/2" x 3" strip of the molding as you can see in the pics. I found this Quarterwindow a year ago, knowing how hard they are...
  20. Mustang BBK Shorty Headers - Fox Body (79-93)

    Mustang BBK Shorty Headers - Fox Body (79-93)

    See Our Complete Line Of BBK Mustang Headers Here: Are you looking for more horsepower and a deeper sounding Mustang Exhaust? BBK offers a set of Chrome or Ceramic coated shorty headers for you 79-93 Mustang. This is one of the...