1. Hudson N

    My 1991 keeps dying, help.

    I have a 1991 gt, it wouldnt crank over, so I jump started it, a few minutes later it died again. So I took out the battery and alternator and had them tested, they both passed, I replaced the alternator anyway because it sounded like it was going out, and had I the battery charged a little...
  2. Hudson N

    Help, spedo still broken

    My spedometer in my 1991 gt bounces around, it smoothes out a little over 30 mph, but I just replaced the spedo cable and the drive gear and it's still doing the same thing. I looked at the driven gear and it seems fine too, anybody know what else it could be?
  3. B

    8-year project build -- Backfiring through intake, not idling.

    Hi there. I have a 1988 Ford Mustang LX fox that has a 5.0 converted from speed density to mass air. This has been a long project for my dad and I, and recently we initially got it started for the very first time at zero degrees timing. It idled pretty well without stumbling around 1k, but...
  4. Hudson N

    Fox body Oil breather

    So, I have a 91 mustang gt, and I checked out my throttle body today only to find that it was absolutely filthy, I cleaned it and noticed a significant amount of the stuff in there seemed to come out of the tube that leads from the throttle body to the oil filler neck, so, if I'm not worried...
  5. 9

    odd creaking noise

    Hello everyone, I have a 91 hatch (as you can tell by the name lol) there is this odd noise i hear when ever i am driving my car, when ever i am braking or coming to a stop there is a creaking noise that seems to be heard from what sounds like the passenger rear? possible its a strut...
  6. Hudson N

    Fox Clicking/ticking sound coming from the front suspension

    Hey, I have a 91 gt and I keep hearing a clicking sound coming from the front suspension, it's not terribly loud and It seems to make randomly or in corners and acceleration. Anybody know what that Is?
  7. paddyrk

    Electrical 1991 LX 5.0, radio wiring help, ECU swap

    Hi, I am new to the forum and recently did a 347 swap into my '91 fox, and when doing so, I replaced the ECU with a Holley Hp EFI system. I have the car running and driving, but the radio does not turn on. I believe the radio got its power from the old ECU through its system of big red wires...
  8. Reddevil91

    Woah!! Cup Holders! Have You All Seen This

    Just saw this right now, I kind like it. I still like our crappy always breaking ash tray door to but I’m liking the cup holder deal. Wonder if you have to rid of the console box with this, never really seen photos of a fox with out it, and it’s not bad.
  9. S

    C4 Swap Help

    so i recently swapped the aod in my 91 mustang for a c4. its a stock c4 but has a shift kit. the problem im having is the car doesn't seem to shift very hard under heavy throttle like it should with the shift kit and also it wont shift into 3rd gear until about 45mph. i have the vacuum...
  10. Pinkcloud

    302 Idle Help

    Hello guys I need help with my 91 mustang GT, recently replaced the lower & upper intake and had to remove the heads to get 2 broken bolts drilled out . Reassembled and whenever I start the car it jumps straight to redline and stats there .If I disconnect the intake tube it idles around...
  11. C

    Best Tires For Fox!

    I am looking for some new tires to go on my 1987 foxbody Lx. I know that I want to do 245/45r16 in the back and probably 225/45(or40) r16 in the front. I need some advice on what brands are the best and have good treadwear because I daily my car and want the tires to last. Thanks in advance!
  12. S

    Fox Good Dumped Exhaust?

    Hello, does anybody have any good dumped exhaust setups? I'm a little new to the fox thing, cause i just bought a 88 LX Monday. The previous owner had a crappy exhaust with no hangars and crappy welds. Does anybody have any recommendations for dumped exhaust. I want something not extremely loud...
  13. nelzfoxes

    Efi 351w Swap

    Alright. I am just trying to plan ahead. Who amongst us has successfully completed this swap? Chime in with any problems you ran into or parts you had to buy, etc. I ask because this is the next step for the Daddywagon. I just about completed the installation of an efi 302 from a 1986 mustang gt...
  14. nelzfoxes

    Engine Efi 351w Swap

    Alright. I am just trying to plan ahead. Who amongst us has successfully completed this swap? Chime in with any problems you ran into or parts you had to buy, etc. I ask because this is the next step for the Daddywagon. I just about completed the installation of an efi 302 from a 1986 mustang gt...
  15. C

    What Can A Stock T5 Trans Handle?

    Hey guys I have a 1987 fox with cold air intake and flow master exhaust system(putting 3:73 gears in soon) I want to build this car and make around 320 - 350 hp to the wheels. Could the stock trans handle these numbers? The car has 83,000 original miles and the engine and trans are strong...
  16. C

    1987 Maf Conversion

    I have a 1987 fox mostly stock except exhaust and cold air intake. I want to convert to mass air from speed density in order to start my build. What is the easiest way to convert to mass air? I have heard and read about the fiveology maf conversion kit. Is this the best an mot affordable way, or...
  17. PakstinN

    N2mb Wot Box??

    So I was scrolling through the good ole youtubes tonight and I noticed there is a bunch of modular guys starting to use N2mb (company name) wot boxes. I like the idea of the no lift shift and the two step. My questions about this box are 1. Does anyone have one in their fox? Do you like it? 2...
  18. A

    Stripping 88 Gt Wiring Harness. Help Please!

    So I have an 88 GT that is going to be a track only car and I want to strip the wiring "back to basics" essentially. What I really want to know is what I need to keep on my harness for the car to run and drive and do all that good stuff. I want to do a switch panel ignition and I am probably...
  19. P

    Starter And Distributor Went Out?? Help Please

    hey guys, i was driving my 89 vert last week, car started to misfire and wast responsive from the gas pedal, i figured it was the distributor, i pulled over and the car idled fine, but once i shut it off, it wouldn't turn over. i just get a fast click from the starter. I dont want to just put...
  20. O

    Expired 1990 Mustang Gt 5.0 5-spd $11,500 Bellingham Wa

    Up for sale is our fine little fox body Mustang GT 5.0L. This little gem can be shown, tracked and then driven to work. It's that simple. Quick 1/4 mile time was set at Mission Raceway Park a few years back at 12.77. What still needs to be done? Well...both front seats need new upholstery and an...