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  1. D

    PLEASE HELP - T5 in a 66, Clutch Issues

    Hello, I work for a local garage in my area and am having some issues. A customer brought us a 1967 Mustang coupe with a T5 and a 303 from a foxbody. I put a clutch, pressure plate and flywheel in to match with the T5/302 combo. The car was kept with the original clutch linkages from the 67. He...
  2. B

    Idling high out of nowhere

    Please help! I have a ‘94 V6. Driving yesterday, it started idling at 15 to 1600 RPMs. Had to stand on the brakes hard at traffic lights just to keep it still. Even got to the point where the temperature got extremely high. I know there are other topics on the same thing, but I am so lost with...
  3. Krazykyle44

    Engine Backfiring and Shaking Pony

    Hello everyone, hopefully I,m posting the in the right thread. So I have an automatic 90 fox 5.0 LX with a lot of different mods. I got the mustang about year ago from a guy who was starting to convert it into a drag car. He got about half way and gave up and I took over the car. I dont want to...
  4. 95dustang

    Engine 95 GT stalling issue

    Howdy, my 95 is stalling with the clutch in, or in gear going down the road, seemingly at random, and it also doesn't start sometimes. I have a check engine code, 157, which is MAF sensor. Replaced the MAF, code persists, I'm thinking it might be a wiring issue, I checked all my grounds and...
  5. N

    Progress Thread 1984 mustang gt350 will not start

    My mustang stopped starting and did absolutely nothing I found out that if I put my key in the on position with the clutch safety switch jumped I can start the car through the starter solenoid and it will run but there is a yellow with green wire that I am assuming goes to the ignition maybe...
  6. D

    1987 4 to 8 wiring

    Recently bought a 87 Fox that has the 5.0 swap mostly complete. Guy said all it needed was a wiring harness. Also, the donor car was a 91 I believe. What harness will I need and how hard will it be to do the re-wire?
  7. 6

    Budget 1969 mustang rear end build

    Hello, i've got a 1969 mustang with a bad rear end. I want to replace it all with fairly nice stuff but i don't feel like paying big cash. I saw you could take a rear axle from an older ford like an explorer or mustang and it be fairly cheap. What vehicle should i try to get one from? and what...
  8. 0

    Need Help Transmission Swap

    Hey everyone I own a 2007 automatic v6 and am looking for information on a transmission swap to a manual. Purchasing a different mustang with a manual transmission is out of the question so any information y'all could provide would be much appreciated.Thanks!
  9. 9

    Need held, Strange Sound at Ignition

    I recently purchased my first project car, a mostly stock 92 5.0 w/ the exception of a trick flow top end kit and some other small upgrades that can be seen in the photo attached. Working on a budget I decided to replace the head gaskets myself with the help of some mechanically inclined friends...
  10. S

    97 gt frustrating fan issue

    Frustrated Husbands stang.97 gt with 99 4.6..bare w/me trying to help hubby.the initial problem was the hose to temp sensor thats located on back,busted.replaced hose&sensor.never overheated but temp to replaced thermostat.still to high.tested fan.runs with front temp sensor...
  11. P

    Help new codes 4.6 swap

    I changed my pcm and now I get a new set of codes thrown by the pcm would you guys be able to help me fix this?
  12. P

    Speedometer doesn’t work 4.6 swapped

    my speedometer doesn’t work but every other gauge does on my 99gt cluster my car was a 2004 v6 swapped with a 99gt everything I don’t know how to fix this speedometer problem my obd2 read the car is going 17 kph max even when we are on the highway
  13. P

    Help!! Open Injector Circuit Codes

    I recently bought a 2004 “v6” but it turn out it had an engine swap to it aftermarket halos and a swapped transmission. The engine was a 99 Gt. I can’t figure out why these open injector codes keep popping up and I can’t get a smog with them. Do you guys know how I can fix this?
  14. P

    Help!!! Injector circuit open on my 2004 swapped engine

    I cleared my codes which I will have attached hoping they mean nothing but they came back and I don’t know what to do! The injectors are clicking so I assumed they were good now I can’t get a smog done.
  15. Drum4life23

    I have a very interesting situation! 06 mustang won’t start unless I remove fuse HELP!

    So I desperately need some advice on this one!! So I have an 06 mustang with a newer engine haven’t had many issues with it but recently my car wouldn’t start out of the blue! So I popped the hood and checked a few fuses and as I put about the third fuse back in from checking it my interior...
  16. Nick Bos

    C4 Transmission has very delayed shifts

    Hi guys, I have a 1970 mustang with a 302 and a c4 select shift transmission. Recently the transmission has been delaying its shifts more frequently as time passes. I adjusted the vacuum modulator screw to reduce the delay and it has not worked (3 full turns counterclockwise). As of right now...
  17. M

    Overhead light/ Dome like

    Hey I have a 2016 mustang V6, so the two circle lights right up near the top of the rear view mirror don’t turn on if all the doors are shut! It makes no sense to me. If a door opens they turn on perfectly fine. Also I don’t know if there are even lights in the mirrors for like the driver and...
  18. FordDawg88

    Fuel 1985 Mustang LX TBI Fuel lines HELP!!!

    So I just finished rebuilding the TBI assembly on my 1985 Mustang 5.0 and the nut that screws into the back of the TBI assembly for the return fuel line has split in half. I cannot find replacement lines anywhere since it is the only year of TBI and I do not know what to do. It also seems that...
  19. Nicole Kanigina

    Steering Wheel For 2000 V6

    Is it possible to replace my 2000 Mustang v6's steering wheel with a more vintage one? Perhaps a 1965 steering wheel.