new edge

  1. S

    belt is rubbing on bolt between crankshaft pulley and power steering pump

    so I recently replaced my power steering pump and now my belt is rubbing on a bolt between the crankshaft pulley and the power steering pump. the belt is routed correctly and I reused the old pulley. If anyone has suggestions or help it would be greatly appreciated
  2. gavinmgrant

    2004 Mach 1 crank but no start. dying inside

    Hello everyone, So I purchased a 2004 Mach 1 with 90,000 miles that needed some work about a month ago. I've been slowly working on my list of things to fix or repair on the car. It ran great when I took it for a test drive. Drove it for about an hour before I decided to take it home. I was...
  3. J

    FORScan for New Edge

    I am currently looking to buy a New Edge Mustang to use as an autocross and/or rallycross car. My daily is a 2020 F-150 and I use FORScan to read diagnostics and programs things on there. Obviously, my truck's computer system is a "little bit" more complicated than the computers in the Mustangs...
  4. P

    Engine [HELP]Engine Removal Questions

    How hard is it to drop a new long block 4.6l into a 2001 Mustang GT. I have some nasty bottom end rod knocks and just would rather put a new engine in myself. I know I'll need to get an engine cherry picker, and probably some new tools but I have a lot of tools available to me. My question is...
  5. 0

    Where does this short (5-6 inch) wire go?

    Does this look like a ground? 2003 mustang GT. Replaced intake and now reverse lights,speedo, and blower motor is out. Could this have something to do with it? The wire is only about 5-6 inches long and literally nowhere to plug up. Any ideas?
  6. M

    Coyote Swap

    I own a 2004 V6 mustang and am looking to do a coyote swap. I’m a student but working and willing to pay for the parts and labor. My plan is to buy a salvaged/wrecked 2011 gt, swap as much as i can from there and buy whatever else I need. I’ve priced everything out around 13k as i’ve already...
  7. 2

    Electrical Power Window Wiring Nightmare.Please Help.

    2002 Mustang GT Auto. Previous owner added a Dei 530T Module so the wiring is not orm from factory. I fixed the driver side power window and lock by re wiring everything back to stock. My problem is my passenger side is getting no power at all. Side Mirror and window do not work with any of the...
  8. Hudson N

    Should it run with IAC unplugged? 04 gt

    I've been having surging issues for a couple of months now. I replaced my IAC and checked for vacume leaks and tested my TPS. The surge is only slight. Maybe 25-50 rpm when its warm and on a real cold start it surges quite a bit for about a minute before smoothing out. I've done a reset and I've...
  9. Hudson N

    Anybody know what this bolt hole is for?

    2004 gt, factory intake manifold, this bolt hole behind the throttle body towards the passenger side, goes into the plastic manifold, what's it for? Just wondering if somethings supposed to go there. (In the photo it's the hole with the brass sleeve there, between the TB spring and cable)
  10. G

    Odd shaking on left upper side

    Well I've never posted on a forum , but im a bit confused I have a 2000 v.6 automatic and recently I've replaced the wheel bearing on the front left tire After awhile I went to drive it, and it started up just fine but when I shifted into reverse it started shaking from the front wheel area...
  11. J

    04 GT New intake manifold and car now has a rough idle

    I'm new here but I have a 04 GT standard trans and my OEM plastic manifold broke at the heater hose fitting so I replaced it with a professional products typhoon intake manifold and I installed it and now the cars idle is very rough. Bouncing between 1200 rpms and 500 rpms. Thought it could be...
  12. N

    Swapping a 1996 TekSkid 4.6 into a 2004 V6

    Hey guys, as the title says, I’m considering swapping a 1996 Cobra engine with its matching harness, T56 transmission, gauge cluster, rad and fans, and stock exhaust manifolds into my current car, a 2004 3.8L with the T5. I will also be swapping my 7.5 to an 8.8. I was wondering if anyone has...
  13. M

    Mark Viii Motor Swap into 99 V6

    I have a 1999 Roush Stage 1 V6 Mustang 5 speed and have recently acquired a 97 Mark Viii. I have access to everything in the Mark VII and know most of what the swap needs. My Main question is what work would need be done to wire my gauges and such into the Mark Viii ECU or if its even possible.
  14. T

    2002 gt - running rich

    Hey guys so i have a 2002 mustang gt i picked up recently with no cats, long tube headers, no o2 sensors, flowmaster 10’s, a jlt cai, 70mm throttle intake, smaller cams, larger injectors and has 70k miles. You can definitely smell the gas when it is cranked, and im not sure what the easiest way...
  15. M

    Abs Light

    The ABS and trac off light have been on in my 2004 GT since I bought it one year ago. I have replaced all brake pads, rotors, and calipers. I have thoroughly cleaned the ABS rings on all wheels; however, the lights are still on. I have been able to turn them off with a diagnostic reader, but...
  16. B

    2002 Gt Idle Issue

    I have a 2002 GT with full catless exhaust, CAI, Throttle Body, and Tune. When i first fire up my car it has a jumpy idle and has even died on me a couple of times; the wierd part is, is that I can go down the road for half a block and stop and the idle is perfectly fine. It only does it as soon...
  17. B

    Transferrable Parts Between 2008 3v And 2002 2v

    Hey guys, I was wondering what you could swap over from a 2008 manual 4.6 3-valve to a 2002 manual 4.6 2-valve. Recently was given a wrecked 3V with all mechanical functions still working. The main questions I have is, could I put the 08 transmission into my 02, they are both TR3650, But his...
  18. X

    Ported Edlebrock Intake

    Was wondering if anybody is running a ported edlebrock intake. Any noticeable gains? Who ported it? I'm thinking of having mhs port one for me since I'm getting stage 3 heads from them.
  19. N

    New Project, Need Help

    Alrighty I'm new here. I just picked up a project mustang. It's a 3.8 V6 (unfortunately) with 209k on the clock. I mostly picked it up because it's a manual and the body is in great condition.... and it was a thousand bucks. Here's what I would like to do. I want to build up another low mileage...
  20. M

    Gt Engine Swap??

    I got a 2000 mustang gt Whats a good engine? i want to be abe to be fast as a cobra terminator or a 2ss camero 2016 or a 2012 boss I may be unrealistic but I want to be at least fast as a termi tho... If u have any suggestions lmk cause I have 30k n I don't know what to swap my engine with 1...