2002 Gt Idle Issue

Brandon Terry

New Member
Sep 23, 2017
I have a 2002 GT with full catless exhaust, CAI, Throttle Body, and Tune. When i first fire up my car it has a jumpy idle and has even died on me a couple of times; the wierd part is, is that I can go down the road for half a block and stop and the idle is perfectly fine. It only does it as soon as it is started, but as soon as I drive it, it is perfect. Could it just be the differnt 02 readings from my exhaust and bolt ons? Never noticed it before these mods. I figured the tune would have fixed it but it has kept doing it. Any suggestions on what it could be would be nice.. not a huge problem but I would like to fix it.
P.S. When I turn my car in and immediately flip on the AC it usually will die, it's like any extra use of engine power makes it worse, but it still will be fine after driving it.. not sure if that will help diagnose the problem but thought I would add!
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Aug 14, 2009
Houston Texas
The BEST way to answer your questions is with an ODB2 scanner that is capable of reading ODB2 operational PID's.

Here's some information on an affordable Windows based ODB2 scanner. Once you have a high powered ODB2 scanner and see the power it brings to the table you will wonder how any repair could have been done without one. It's a real "game changer".

ForScan ODB2 scanner w ELM327 USB

Here's some more information on how to trouble shoot Idle/IAC issues. This information will help you to understand HOW the PCM uses the various sensors to control the idle. The ODB2 scanner will help to answer the question about what the PCM "thinks" the various sensor readings are.

Troubleshoot IAC idle problems 1996-2004