1. Eilermoon

    Cylinder misfire due to oil on spark plug

    Hey all, I searched around but didn't see a thread dedicated to this specific topic; please link to one if I'm wrong! I've had a #6 misfire on my '03 GT first about a year ago and thought I had fixed the problem by swapping the ignition coil. It's been fine since then until about a week ago...
  2. D

    Engine Drained oil capacity much lower than expected

    Hello all, I got my 2000 GT just about a year ago and did my second oil change today. The refill capacity for it is 5 quarts, but only about 3 quarts came out when I drained it. I have never seen oil puddles beneath the car. Any ideas why this would happen? Thanks!
  3. J

    Fox dipstick not going in all the way

    1992 GT, bbk shorty headers. dipstick tube has no odd bends or anything. i think the dipstick goes down all the way through the tube, but doesnt go further into the block. now i have no way of checking my oil. any solution?
  4. D

    What is this???

    Found this in my new fox. I’m not sure exactly what it is. The hose comes from under the intake manifold and back behind the engine I believe. Maybe I’m missing something here but I’ve never seen this..
  5. A

    Engine Oil on Sparkplug Threads - Misfiring / Hesitation

    Hi everyone! This is my first post in this forum. I have been lurking and reading for a while and you have all helped me with my project. I was checking all my spark plugs the other day and on spark plug # 1 there was oil on the threads and build up on the electrode. I got worried and checked...
  6. Hudson N

    5.0 fox blowing smoke help

    I've got a 1991 5.0, with about 104 thousand miles on it. I recently noticed that after I sit at a light for a minute and then start going again, it blows blue smoke out the back. Once I'm moving I dont really see any. Obviously its burning oil. Are my rings worn out? I put a new PCV valve in it...
  7. M

    Engine Oil, Smoke, Fire And Brimstone.

    Ok, not really the last two. Vehicle Information: 1993 5.0 litre in a 1990 Fox, A9L running GUFB strat on unknown def, aftermarket tb but not aftermarket MAF, knockoff cobra intake I think and possibly stock injectors. Hope this isn't the wrong board, suck at forums. I'll move it if needed...
  8. I

    Fresh 331 Oil Issue Help

    Hello, I used to have an account here but I havent had a fox for a bit and forgot my password... I really need help, I just finished a 331 stroker on my 88 notch ex georgia police interceptor. When I purchased the car it was a 306 with edelbrock performer intake and heads, 24lb injectors with...
  9. Tyler Hunter

    Engine 93 5.0 Car Won't Start, Oil On All Spark Plugs!!

    Hello All, I have a 93 5.0 Mustang that has a stock motor at 185k miles that was running great until recently. It all started when I found out I had an exhaust leak somewhere, I noticed the car had a slight loss of power which makes sense but over time it seemed to get a lot worse. The car would...
  10. D

    Oil Life Indicator Stuck At 100%

    I have a 2012 3.7 convertible with 64000 miles. I have always had the dealer change the oil at 20% since I purchased it new in July 2011. The last oil change was in December at 62,000 miles. The oil life indicator is stuck at 100%, I can't get it to show any usage of oil life. Anyone here...
  11. F

    Engine Oil Leak Only When Engine's Cold

    So I recently purchased a 1990 Mustang GT, so far it doesn't leak anything beside a little power steering fluid (or radiator fluid I'm not sure). Anyways it leaks a little bit of oil from where the oil pan meets the bellhousing. The weird part is that it only leaks when the engine is cold, It...
  12. tyler3663

    Engine 2002 Gt With 91,000 Miles (oil Looks Like Metallic Paint)

    I've had the car for over a year now. The first couple of oil changes i never seemed to notice anything unusual with the oil. But i decided to catch the oil this time (because i have a large oil drum for draining oil into), and i notice it looks sparkly with metal. Now everywhere I've read...
  13. H

    Engine Oil Pressure Drops With Mech Gauge

    Hey guys! I got my GT40p heads on and got the car started and everything. Everything seemed good till the test drive. That's when the oil pressure dropped from the usual 40-45 to 20-25. The car went from having power to none at all. Today I went out to look around it to start the car I have to...
  14. D

    Oil Drain Plug Bad?

    Y'all, I drained the oil in my '90 5.0 LX last night in preparation to change it, but I noticed a small drop of oil clinging to the rear plug. It appears to be leaking from the plug--nothing major--a very slow drip that isn't really noticeable except for said cling-on drop and a small stain...
  15. stang89bidges

    The 3 Specific Benefits Of Synthetic Engine Oil Over Conventional

    I just found this today researching on the interwebs. Great answer to an ancient question. Slick Benefits Q: I'm curious about motor oils and their influence on horsepower/longevity. I've used synthetic oil (Mobil 1) for many years now. My '88 Mustang GT 5.0 had over 400,000 miles when I sold...
  16. B

    Tss Billet Oil Pump Gears

    Hey guys, just had a 2.9L whipple supercharger installed on my s550 and I also had some TSS Billet oil pump gears installed. Here's my issue my car is throwin low oil pressure code but doesn't say exactly what it's at. While on the dyno my tuner told me if it was to low he would see a lot of...
  17. denby777

    Oil Pressure Idiot Light 2007 Gt/cs

    Need some advice on my 2007 GT with only 52K miles. The car runs perfectly however once in awhile the low oil pressure warning message will pop up when I "get on it " so to speak. It has happened two times when I get on the interstate and accelerate quickly through the gears. The car runs fine...
  18. SadbutTrue

    Oil Pressure Sender Issue On Roller 351

    I'm actually a classic owner but the engine is a roller 351/408 stroker, so i figured I'd ask here. I've been having a pretty annoying issue with my oil pressure sender/adaptors. I transitioned from an older style 351w (early 70s), and tried to re-use my old oil pressure setup. Though I'm not...