1. H

    2003 mustang v6 tick on start ups.

    I recently got a 2003 mustang v6 convertible. I noticed that when I started her up the next morning, a tick sound would appear and it would dissipate after 15-20 seconds. If i leave the car off for an hour, then start it up, the same thing happens. Tick for 20 seconds, then goes away. Ive looked...
  2. B

    Tick is it bad or normal

    Thinking about buying a 2016 GT has a a rapid tick some people say walk away some are saying its normal I figured I'd find more help here
  3. F

    Engine Lifter Replacement (W/ heads off) questions

    Been in the middle of replacing my 4.6Ls head gasket on a 97 GT. Before I started the work, the engine did have a ticking noise that was getting worse as time went on. I ran it for about a month and a half with that tick, and by the time I was starting the head job, the ticking was real loud...
  4. M

    2006 Mustang GT clicking noise from front end

    Hello everyone! I've got an issue going on with my 06 GT. While driving 50 mph to 70 mph I can hear a clicking noise coming from the front somewhere. I've replaced the wheel bearing assemblies on both sides. The inner and outer tie rods. Oil was just changed. If I drop under 50 mph the sound...
  5. A

    2006 ford mustang v6 ticking noise coming from engine

    theres a ticking noise coming from my engine, and the only thing that I figured was injectors, havent replaced any, but I also read it could be plugs. anyone have any specific ideas on what the ticking could be? sounds like injectors its a loud ticking noise that is only heard at idle, and then...
  6. Hudson N

    Ticking sound!?

    I have a 1991 gt and I hear a ticking sound coming from the engine. For the love God somebody help me.
  7. C

    Engine 1999 Mustang V6 / Engine is Tapping but Not Knocking goes away after 1 - 5 mins idling / Possible Oil Pump?

    Hey guys i have an issue with my mustang this issue happened out of no where when i tried starting up my car like every other day, the engine is tapping but not knocking i had a mechanic look it at it and says its not a rod or a lifter, he said its most likely the oil pump but he has yet to open...
  8. CWSpartan

    Potentially Buying '02 Gt... But There's A Ticking On Acceleration. Help Me Diagnose It?

    Hi guys I'm looking at buying my first stang and I found a real good candidate. This is a 2002 gt 5 speed with only 80k miles. Only mods are a cold air intake, short throw shifter, slightly cut OEM springs, and aftermarket exhaust tips. The seller has it at a good price the only problem is that...
  9. W

    Bad Lash Adjuster?

    My 98 Gt has a ticking noise when I first start it up, it comes and goes untill it's warmed up. It has been PI swapped. Does this seem like a possible lash adjuster problem or what? Video: View: https://youtu.be/dw1fjSqiBqU Listen how it stops towards the end.
  10. A

    2002 Mustang Gt Misfire Help Please

    Hi All, I have a 2002 Ford Mustang that I bought a few months ago. It has been running great, haven't done much of anything to the car. I travel for work, and before I left two weeks ago, it was running very well. I get back, and drive to the gas station, and she throws a P0304 and P0316...
  11. W

    Engine 98 Ticking Noise (comes And Goes)

    In my 98 GT, it makes a kind of a ticking noise, it kinda sounds like it comes from the rear of the valve cover, it gets loud then goes away and come back again, once the car has fully warmed up it stays away until its shut off and cools down a little bit. Could be a valve lash adjuster? Or what?
  12. T

    Ticking Noise

    For about 6 months now my car has been having a small Tap when I ONLY push the gas pedal down a little, also when I release it and it drops rms it starts again. Sounds like if you were to tap the plastic on the dashboard with your finger. Sounds like it's coming right where the tranny and engine...
  13. MustangGT559

    Drivetrain 2008 S197 Gt Ticking Engine

    I started hearing a ticking sound around my air manifold that was pretty quite, but recently only got louder. the sound is there at idle and while driving, I replaced my spark plugs,coils and VCT solenoids but the sound is still there, the rpms also randomly drop to 600-700 and go back to about...