Help with 2v turbo build


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Jul 8, 2019
Hello so I posted a while back and I decided to turbo my 4.6 2v with supporting mods and pushed around 420 Whp and now the motor is fried :( so I just bought another 2v motor with 84k miles I have sold some of the supporting mods like Bbk air intake, throttle body Etc. this build I want to focus on getting the internals right before putting and tuning my on3 70mm turbo, so the plan is forged pistons stage 2 Comp cams, Manley rods , and bearings. Does this look good? Should I go through with it ? Or should I add on more parts also what kind of forged pistons should I go with?, any help is greatly appreciated thanks :))
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Apr 8, 2017
Figure out what your power goal is. Then talk to a performance engine builder to figure out the best combo for the $.


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Apr 8, 2017
That power level would be so easy to hit with a turbo that the likelyhood of you going higher one day by turning up the boost is high. For that reason I would suggest doing a forged crank as well.


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Apr 18, 2020
Royersford Pennsylvania
What’s up man. So I also am turboin my 2v. I had my 2000 less then 48 hours before it started a slight but definite knock that wasn’t a spun rod sound. Well long story short it was piston #2 kissing the head ever so slightly because the kid that had it before the guy I bought it from did rod bearings after the fact the worn timing guides broke and the oil pick up sucked all the little plastic pieces that were breaking off till it clogged the oil pick up starving rods of oil and killed the rod bearings. This kid thought he could do bearings and well he got me because he did all this 2013 and parked it in a garage. It was so dusty and buried under :poo: I thought I made out until I bought it replaced entire fuel system that rotted from the inside the tank out from alcohol in the gas separating. Water is in alcohol and rotted the tank and pump. I bought the car still because only 1000 bucks. Got it home and running. The first holeshot is all it took to hear the faintest sound that got worse and worse till I spun the bearings again. I killed the new bearings in a week but I have friends and a engine was given to me and swapped and here I am gonna boost the 2v because sooooo many are out there and so cheap that if or when I blow it up again I can be running again in 2 days with another 100 junkyard engine. Anyway I just tore the engine down and found 1&2 journal were smoked and each set back looked better and better 7/8 bearings looked brand new lol The kids bandaid worked long enough to get me to buy the car. If it wasn’t for a near perfect body and interior, and being all black which is my favorite I wouldn’t of got myself into all this. But I love this stuff and don’t regret anything. Here’s stock pistons and there MAHLE forged that will take a beating and Know someone with stock 2v just a turbo and fuel system and bolt on stuff making 500hp and drives the car every day. I hear guys making 700 with stock internals but honestly a coyote is where all 2v owners need to swap into. Pics of pistons and the piston all clean from hitting the head. Well sorry for my story but if it wasn’t for all that happened I’d not know wtf is inside these engines. But pistons are perfect for boost. Rods are most likely the weakest link and if more then 500hp is the goal I’d replace them. One day I will add boost till i blow it up and post my findings for every one and have an idea of what the actual limit of these 2v engines


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