‘06 Mustang GT oil pressure switch??


May 14, 2019
Hello everyone. Yesterday I took a trip in my ‘06 stang and on the way home, while I was stopped at a red light, a low oil pressure message showed up on my dash and the gauge read no pressure. I was about to pull over and shut it off ASAP but as soon as I started moving it went away. During this whole time, the engine was running perfectly normal and smooth with no knocking or anything. I stopped at plenty more red lights and the message did not come back. Also, before and after my trip I checked my oil level and it was fine. Has anyone experienced anything similar? Seems to me if the oil pressure was actually low the car probably wouldn’t have made it home the 50+ miles, so I’m thinking maybe it’s just something with the oil pressure switch. Any help is appreciated.
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Jan 25, 2020
Yup. Happened to me one fine day on my way to work. Was stopped at a light, and the low oil pressure popped up. Revved it up, went away. Every stop, it came up. Didn't lose my cool, went to work. Driving home, it never came back. Hasn't again. Been like four months now. I wrote a thread about it as you did. Wonky Oil Pressure.

I've had all kinds of weird things happen with this V_6 Stang. When I put 93 octane in it, I get the CEL for random misfire. Only on 93, nothing else. Also had the blinking OD OFF light, which is NOT GOOD! Had the transmission fluid and filter changed at a friends shop. After, it came back one day after about 8 miles. Yet today, drove it 15 for 30 minutes, and nothing. WTF??

I hate intermittent :poo:!
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