00 GT vs CRX

i have a 00 GT with a 373 rear end pulleys cai and 40series flowmasters. soon to have new x pipe and a sct programmer... a friend that i havent seen in a while has built a crx that is sprayed and pushin 20psi of boost...what kinda race am i looking at here...am i going to get blown outa the water. also there is an old stock rx7 that wants to run to...whats that going to look like?
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i dont know...on the juice i think that light car wins. however, i make it a rule not to race cars that look lik crap! you should follow my rule. who cars if that junk is fast. lol!
I do too, especially if he still has those tiny 14" rims on it. If he has some meats up front (It sounds retarted saying that), then you might be in for a run. Drive hard, and have fun with it.
i wouldnt talk crap about those little hondas. All my friends are into them and one of them has a 92 crx with a gsr motor with turbo. At the track he ran 12's Another friend has a 93 civic hatchback with a fully built h22 from a prelude with turbo that prob has around 500 hp. they are very ugly cars but you can do a lot to them fro very cheap.
If he is pushing 20lbs of boost and it hasn't blown up yet then he will blow you out of the water, because them cars are light and quick for what they are anyway. But the rx7 you can get him.
my friend had a 91 crx with the basic of all swaps a zc engine in it and got it into the high 14s. With 20psi i doubt it has a stock engine prolly b16 at the least and you with a basically stock mustang with get destroyed.

I know everyone likes to make fun of the hondas as i do as well but its not funny when one of those pulls up to you and you see taillights quick. You can build a 10 sec honda if you know what your doing for like 10k. but still look like garbage.
Ok im not going to lie.....20lbs of boost and he already is gonna beat your ass......a shot of nitrous? He will blow you out of the water.

As for the rx7? What year is it? My buddy has an FD and it runs low 13's spinning halfway down the track....If you race the rx7 from a roll he will murder you.

If im not mistaken the crx weighs around 2 grand or less......its hard to beat these things if they are turbo
Most import racers think 6lbs of boost is 20lbs. My friend blew up his b16 at 12 lbs. They come with like 11 to 1 comp. and cant handle boost unless they are completly built up. I never believe anything an import racers says untill you see it with your own eyes. Also they have no traction so if you race him from a stop he might start to catch you on the top end but if you get out in front of him.... Now RX7s are nice, but if its stock you have him. But with just a few mods they are 12 sec cars. I was looking to buy one befor i bought a mustang but i couldnt find one for a reasonable price.

Race them both and prove mustangs are the ****!!!
hmm a crx which is probably a 1.6l engine... 20 psi, sprayed he either:

1.) will blow it up

2.) will blow it up

3.) after all that work run 15's

I guarantee you that car runs low 13 spraying!! A built engine w/ boost and spraying, your gonna get blown away!! If its built its likely it won't blow up, thats why its a built engine. I raced a hona civic with an H22 supercharged and he got me, i didn't think of much of that lil honda but it got me. The rx7........ you should be able to blow that away
He probably has a built B16 with 20 psi. and a shot of nitrous
you will lose because you only have a few bolton's.That Honda
CRX most likey has other mods that he isn't telling you about.:rolleyes:
You're toast.. eliminate any contact with him now, so you don't have to ever find out what it feels like to be annhialated by one of those ugly things.
youre done.

first off, any CRX with just one of those mods (turbo or nitrous) will decimate a GT, especially from a roll. From a stop, you might get him for a gear or two, once he hooks hell shoot right past you like nothing. either setup will easily run 13's when driven correctly, and will not blow up like stated above. ignorance is bliss sometimes.

If its really built to handle boost and nitrous, hell id bet it would take quite the setup on even a terminator to take him down. hes light as ****, with that much top end potential he probably has the same hp/weight ratio as a 'busa, if not better.

if anything, id run him just out of the rush of racing. if he wins, more power to him, its a badass little car when done right, and if he did it right, id give him definite props for doing it. no need to let personal feelings get in the way of the reality he has a pretty sick car. I hate honduh's and ricers too, but i wont let that get the best of me if i lost to one, i give him props and move on.