4.6 2v

  1. Y

    Cams in Ca?

    Hey all! I have a 2002 Mustang GT 5 speed with 3.73 gears, a cold air intake, a 91 octane bama tune, an SLP loudmouth catback exhaust, and a throttle body. I really want to put in some cams but don’t know if I should have some supporting mods first. I was looking at stage 2 comp cams because it...
  2. B

    Has my check engine light been tuned out? [2004 5spd GT]

    Hey, hope everyone is doing well. Got a couple questions that I've been trying to get answers for for awhile now. I own a 5spd '04 GT that I bought around 5 months ago. My Mustang does not have cats or a check engine light. Are there any codes that are thrown up that could indicate that my...
  3. J

    Cam questions

    I have a 98 GT and I am getting ready to do a PI swap. While the heads are out I figure it would be a good time to do the cams and springs. My question is what will work best for a stock bottom end stage I or Stage 2? I have heard there are clearance issues with stage 3 and up. Looking to keep...
  4. J

    Help: Bullitt stopped while driving down the road and wont turn over

    I need help or even suggestions from anyone with a similar problem. The car was driving normally, and i am just cruising along as the car just stops. After it stops, a metal clanking noise is heard. Going to start it, the battery is just fine and the starter just clicks, but its a metallic click...
  5. A

    01 Gt no start

    Alright guys I’m beating my head on a wall. I just finished up converting my 01 GT from a auto (40r70w) to a manual (tr3650). Tried to start it up and nothing. Original though was that it was the neutral safety switch so I looped the wires (gonna install remote start down the road so I’d have to...
  6. J

    Coolant temp gauge install

    Trying to install an aftermarket coolant temp gauge on 2002 4.6l 2v. I think the computer uses the stock sensor on the engine (correct me if I’m wrong), so was looking for an alternate location to install a coolant temp sensor. Any ideas? The sensor that came with the gauge has 1/8” npt...
  7. Blue2v

    Help Please!

    I have a 1998 Ford Mustang Gt with a PI engine and a couple bolt ons. I had a no start issue and checked everything. Fuel pressure is at the Schrader valve, and I have spark. It cranks but doesn’t start. The theft light was flashing so I thought I would take my sct tuner and get pats disabled. I...
  8. S

    4.6 2v procharger

    Hey everyone, I own an f150 07 with the 4.6 2v so I came here because the mustang bois know 2v inside and out unlike f150 ppl. Anyway I wanna put a supercharger on it, procharger btw and I have 2 questions 1 how reliable would it be at 220000 miles,I know they are reliable aff but want to make...
  9. A

    Hunting idle 4.6 2v with stage one cam

    I need help I have a 97 gt with a pi motor I am using the advantage iii software. I am having the worst time trying to get my idle straight it won't stop surging. I set the idle to 900 and it still jumps around. What parameters am I supposed to adjust to fix this. I set the injector delay minus...
  10. G

    Hello From Socal

    Whats going on Stang owner's It has been awhile since I have been on this forum . I wanted to know if anyone is in San Diego Area with a new edge or 2011 5.0 & newer. I would like to connect with any one to pick there brain on a few thing in regards smog, CA legal modifications, engine swap...
  11. T


    I’ve got a 2003 GT mustang 4.6l. I was driving it home and the motor started to make a squeaking noise. When I pushed the clutch in the car shut down. Pulled over and the motor wouldn’t turn over as if it was seized. Let it set for about 15 minutes and then tried again and it slowly cranked over...
  12. E

    Help my 02 GT is leaking something!?

    Just wondering if any of you guys know what could be leaking from this photo? It's only that spot that looks damp. Note that it hasnt gotten as bad as to drip on the floor yet, and that's what I'm trying to avoid. I can't seem to tell if its water or oil. Hope you guys can shed some light on it...
  13. B

    Missing coolant sensor 4.6 2v

    Just wanted some info I had a 2010 Grand Marquis motor put in my 01 GT and it is missing the etc sensor on the aluminum crossover. What is the best way to get a hole drilled for the sensor? Will the manifold have to be removed? Just want to know my best option as I don't have any drilling...
  14. D

    Cooler thermostat to solve pinging

    Hey everyone, hope you all are staying safe during this virus. From day one I've been trying to crack down my problem of pinging with low rpm high load situations. Now I do have a bama tune, before everyone attacks me, I know, it's not the greatest but I've had great luck with them. They worked...
  15. Levi.Productions

    1996 Mustang GT Build (Ew to New)

    Figured I should start a thread for my mustang project. We start our adventure last summer, when I had gotten my licence a few months ago. I had been given my grandpas old honda pilot (mainly for insurance purposes I normally drive my dad's truck) and was given the ok from my parents to sell the...
  16. 9

    Saleen wheels

    I have a set of real saleen wheels 18 x 8.5 all around made by speedline in Italy dose anyone know what they would be worth looking to sell
  17. P

    Speedometer doesn’t work 4.6 swapped

    my speedometer doesn’t work but every other gauge does on my 99gt cluster my car was a 2004 v6 swapped with a 99gt everything I don’t know how to fix this speedometer problem my obd2 read the car is going 17 kph max even when we are on the highway
  18. V

    Hydro Boost Install Process

    I have a 2000 GT and I ordered a new hydro-boost. I was wondering what the process and steps are to change one out. Do I have the bleed any fluids and replace them? Do I have to purchase and new gaskets and or o-rings?...etc
  19. D

    SOLD [FOR SALE] 1996 Mustang GT Convertible / 4.6 - Automatic /Former Virginia car

    1996 Mustang GT Convertible / 4.6 - Automatic /Former Virginia Car, 112,000 miles Car has NO Rot or Rust, Runs excellent, have 2 sets of wheels/tires (all new) for the right price Asking $6500.00 or Best Offer, **** Make an Offer****** Attleboro, MA 508-269-2072
  20. metal mike

    What's it Worth? 1996 mustang twin turbo

    4.6 stroker all forged internals trans 4r70w full manual 3500 stall tube front end I made all the stuff on the engine.