'02 Headlight Replacement


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Aug 25, 2001
Rogue River, Oregon
I recently started driving my '02 Roush more often and decided it's time to fix some stuff that's been irritating me. First off is the headlights. A past owner put some aftermarket projector lights on it (I assume he cut up the wiring to do it) and besides the fact I hate them, they are hazed over. I want to install original type lights and found I have two options from LMR, Ford lights or SVE. The Ford lights are quite a bit more, but if the SVE lights are close or equal, I'll go that route. I bought aftermarket OEM style lights for my Fox body a few years ago, but they leaked from the start and the lens quality wasn't the same as Ford. Anyone have experience in this area?

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I had some SVE lights in mine a couple years ago. When I initially received them, one was fine, but the other one had the little reflector piece (that shrouds the bulb) broken off inside the assembly. Fortunately, it wasn't too big of a deal as LMR swapped it out for me. The process to do so was a bit less than optimal, but that's another story.

I received the replacement and put it in and all has been fine. But the other one that was originally okay has started some weird "peeling" on the lens. Not sure what's up with that.

If I could do it again, and had the money, I would get the Ford assemblies.
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When you have a choice, FORD > Aftermarket. You'll spend a little more, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Very much this.

Another example from me: I have a Saleen wing on my GT. A few years ago, the third-brake light that originally came with it burned out (it was LED). Me being tight on money at the time, I ordered a non-OEM eBay Chinese knock-off replacement light assembly for like $30. When I got it, the fit was fine but the lights were not terribly bright. And it wasn't smoked or tinted. I ended up getting pulled over last year for it because the officer thought it was out. I checked and I could barely see the lights.

This time around, I spent the $100+ for the genuine Saleen part and put it in place. SO much brighter...so much better.
Oh, and one other thing about the SVE headlight assemblies. I ended up finding out they're just rebranded generics anyway. You can buy the exact same headlight assembly over on RockAuto for even cheaper than what LMR charges. I bought one of their's to replace the one that was peeling and when I pulled the SVE one out, I saw it had the same manufacturer sticker on it that the one I just ordered from RockAuto had.
Yeah. same with fox body headlights. They appear to all be being made by one vendor overseas. Same stickers and markings no matter where you buy it from, so pretty much just pick the lowest priced vendor and buy from them.

NOS Foxbody lights are going for $1K a set, so if you can buy OEM ford now for a decent price, do it.
NOS Foxbody lights are going for $1K a set,

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Lol, am I the only one that thinks it's ironic that nobody weighed in until I said "screw it" and ordered the Ford headlights? I knew full well the Ford ones were worth the money, but I guess I was just looking to save a few bucks since I'm also going to buy a set of BC coilovers to drop that thing where it belongs. Almost afraid to post that question though...Seriously, thanks guys, I really do appreciate the feedback.
Sorry...I didn't see the post till after the fact, but you made the right choice in the end from my perspective.

Maybe posting a question about recommended items out in the General/Talk area of the forum would get it a little more attention quicker.
Thanks, I appreciate the tip. The classic section I usually frequent is kind of mixed and I didn't know where to post this one to get the most foot traffic. I'll be spending more time here and hopefully learn the ins and outs. I can say this much, the '02 I have has been a great car in the couple or three years I've had it and although I really haven't driven it much, I'm really looking forward to fixing some past owner crap, dropping it a touch and driving it. It's a great driving car, is more civil than the Fox Body I used to daily drive and faaar more comfy than my '68.
The new headlights are soooo much better than the ones I took off. As for protecting them, I hand-wash the car a couple times a week and use carnuba wax each time on the headlights for UV protection as well as to keep bird poop and bugs from sticking. I've done the same thing to my wife's '09 Lincoln and they look like new.
Just wanted to post a pic, I wish I’d taken a pic of the headlights I replaced. They were some sort of projector type light and sun bleached badly. These are way better and much better at night.


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Looks nice @zookeeper ! My 01 Bullitt has the factory lights but after 19 years and 42k miles the chips and weird dots inside it look pretty bad. I ordered a pair of factory lights and am waiting until January! They are getting rare I guess. i’ll definitely look to put some clear film over them!

FYI from my research TYC and Depo (No longer available it seems) aftermarket lights are decent quality if you don’t go with factory lights.
Thanks for the kind words. Oddly enough I just bought an '01 Bullitt (True Blue) from an elderly gentleman. It's got a few more miles than yours (101K when I bought it) but is super clean and original. Neat cars and I'm happy to have found it. I'll post some pics later.