03-04 Cobra Bumper Cover Swap Trouble

Here's the story: At this "certain body shop" I'm getting the 03-04 Cobra front bumper cover put on my 01 GT. That's a story in itself that I will save for another post if need be. Now, I asked for the 03-04 Cobra front bumper cover. The guy at the body shop tells me that it will be 400 and something dollars for the cover. I say ok that's great lets do it. I now find out from him that this does not include the fog lights which will be an extra 200$. What?! At www.blueovalindustries.com the whole kit is only 435$? I tell him I'll get back to him. I get call back saying he got the fog lights from a wrecked Cobra and I can have them for free. Ok good. Yesterday I got another call saying that the fog light bezels are going to be extra now too? Don't these come in the kit? Whatever, I'll pay for it. Now just today he tells me the chin spoiler is not included either and is an extra 235$ Ok now you've got to be kidding me? He says it's a two piece design and will cost me extra. 200$ for a chin spoiler? I thought it was one piece? Anyways any comments or help out would be great.


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Dude, you're getting ripped off... www.abcexclusive.com has the Factory 03 Cobra bumper for like $239 or something. I'll probably edit this after I figure out the real price.

EDIT: The price they are selling it for is $289.99 + $85 to $150 shipping. So the $400 seems about right. The fog light bezels should have been pulled off of the old Cobra and the chin spoiler is in fact a seperate piece.

Search for the 3rd instance of "Factory 03 Cobra Style Front Bumper Cover"
tx2000gt said:
Did the 03/04 Cobras have custom side skirts, different than the GTs?

They are different the the GT's. They have much smoother look.

nic01scgt said:
Ok, well does anyone know where to get the chin spoiler cheap?

I would try one of three things (or all three and compare):

1. Call your local dealer.
2. Join Modular Depot and ask Randy Stinchcomb how much he can get it for.
3. Try GEF Racing
i did the same thing and i was told that the 03-04 cobra bumper was actually 20 bucks cheaper than the gt front bumper.

i got everything for pretty much free because i took it to my uncles body shop. only thing i had to pay for were the fog lights but he got everything else
Cobra skirts .. and that body shop is trying to pull a fast one it sounds like.