04 Cobra purchase, or just blow my 00 GT?

I've got a 00 GT which I've been driving now for about 5 months. I also have a 91 Stealth Twin Turbo (550hp) that I just got done totally rebuilding from the ground up, I'm contemplating selling the stealth and investing the proceeds into either an 04 Cobra, or getting the kenne bell s/c w/intercooler for my existing GT.

Since there is very little difference in looks between a cobra and a GT, I'm wondering if it is worth the money for the new car. If you supercharge a GT with a KB S/C do you get performance similar or close to that of a cobra? Or are you still stuck with the limitations that a SOHC provides? I never go to the track, and hardly ever race others on the street, ok, occasionally I may run someone at a streetlight, but it doesn't happen often. I'm more concerned with daily reliability and low end power that seems to be missing from the GT. (The TT stealth will annihilate the stang on the street or track)

Originally, I got the 00 stang as a beater so I wouldn't have to rent cars when the TT was in the shop, but now realize it may be time to give up on the TT since it isn't as dependable as it used to be. I spent as much on the TT rebuild as a new cobra would have cost already, so figure if I'm going to spend the funds, I may as well drive a new car.

So what should I do, S/C the existing GT, or go broke investing in a new Cobra, or just keep the 00 stang and keep the TT for weekend fun. I appreciate the input.

Lord Warlock
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If it was me I'd get the cobra. Having a 400HP car under warranty is just perfect in my opinion. You could still add the exhaust, CAI and pulley and have the dealership not void your warranty. My dealer hasn't voided my GT for my mods yet :nice:
And you know how well the cobra responds to mods, so having a car with 450HP with just bolt ons makes me drool :drool:
The stealth TT is a pretty is a pretty bad a$s car though, I wouldn't wanna sell that.

The new Cobra will out handle and out brake the supercharged GT.

I'd sell the TT, put the $ into the bank and Kenny Bell the GT. Then if you get bored in time, you will have many choices. A used '03 Cobra? Maybe an '05 GT?
I've had the TT stealth for 10 years, and only started modding it last year, but had to replace the motor with a new oem block, then bigger turbos, better clutch etc etc etc, plus all the mods to increase boost, better exhaust, right now it is pretty much a potential 11 sec car, not that I would beat on it hard enough to get it into the 11s, I do know it will trap at about 118mph in the quarter. (on a highway strip) but repairs on it are expensive as hell, I spent over 30k on it in the last year, and am just finishing the custom paint on it (self painted) HOK medium teal pearl with ghost flames and viper stripes. Car looks fantastic, drives fine but is slowly turning into a money pit. So am leaning toward selling it in the next couple of months. I have to take it to the turkey rod run in November (daytona 500 track) for a regional meet of stealth owners.

Was thinking of selling it for about 15k, taking 5k and blowing the stang, but have reservations on modifying a SOHC motor when I know the DOHC motor is more in line with what I want. I love the color of my GT (electric green with lemans stripes in black, and boss stripes on doors) but there are too many things that I will need to change, such as the front seats, exhaust, rear gears, and adding a s/c to make it a potential 12 sec car. 12s are fine with me, for what I use a car for. So figured I could sell the TT and use the funds to invest in a new cobra instead of modding the mustang. I had hoped for an 05 or 06 cobra, but doubt I can wait that long, and if I sell the tt now, my wife will spend the proceeds long before the 05 model comes out.
I say go for the Cobra :nice: I just sold my supercharged GT and got a 03 Cobra and I can say first hand it takes a lot of money to get a GT close to a 03 Cobra. In my case I wanted a 03 Cobra really bad and my wife and I agreed that before I sunk anymore $$ into the GT I should just count my losses and go get the Cobra. When I heard about the rebates I had to go for it so I sold the GT on E-bay and got the snake and I am very glad that I did. :nice: Don't get me wrong I loved my GT but it was never going to be a Cobra and that is what I really wanted. Anyway just my .02

Jeff B.
BLUE03GT said:
what kind of times r u running with 550hp on that AWD TT...? ive heard of 600awhp on those cars running 11's...kinda ****ty for so much HP and so much traction..dont ya think?[/QUOTE

Those stealths and 3000gt's are hella heavy though and lose more power through the awd setup.
prices of the 99+ stang and cobra will drop significantly whenevr the new body style is released...
I would'nt buy the cobra right now...wait and see they release the 05+ style and then make your decision of buying a 03 or 04 cobra..in the mean time..just S/C your GT and have fun with it..if ever you like it a lot and I'm sure you will...then you just keep it...my 0.02 cts...Cobra brings performance but also insurance rate goes up too...it's a real money pit too especially if you start mod it..like the GT anyways... :D
personally I'd stick with the GT... 6k and an order from kenne bell gets you into 475 HP to the wheels while still being emmisions legal. that will take down an 03 cobra, even with the 2.8 pulley, exhaust, and good tune.

not bashing on the cobra, but i think people short change the possabilities of the GT... granted the cobra will scale to 600 HP on the stock engine, but thats a lil much for the street (in my opinion). also, the KB blower will easily pick up on the low torque for the GT. full boost at 2k RPM and a nearly flat torque line, with no drop off... cant be beaten, not even the 03 cobra.

and thats only 6k into the GT... go with the MM road and track box and now you have a cornering beast... lil bit wider wheels and tires and no more traction problems... upgrade the brakes with the cobra upgrade kit from steeda and you are smoking the cobra in every way.

it just comes down to what you want to do.... I owned a 2002 RSX-S, but because i was still in love with the mustang i ended up selling the RSX even though the RSX was great... just gotta think if the same thing is going to happen with you and the GT.. are you itching for a cobra that bad that even when done you will still want a cobra, because it just a cobra?