04 GT Procharged vs. 01 Cobra (unknown mods)


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Aug 29, 2001
Roanoke, VA
:shrug: How close do you think this would be starting from rolling 55 mph for a half mile or so on flat insterstate?

Well, I was surprised that this Cobra kept up with me. Should a 01 Cobra be able to keep up with a GT that has a Procharger installed. Perhaps this fella's Cobra was not stock.

Just curious as to what some of your thoughts are.:shrug:
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what kinda number you hitting? Regardless, he's got something going on under the hood. How did it sound? might be a full bult on 4V which can pwn

I don't have a clue what kind of numbers I'm putting down to the ground. Just guessing and at an absolute minimum, I would say 350 to the ground.

Couldn't really here the cobra. Mine is pretty darn loud and I had my windows up.

I did notice that the car appeared to have a race suspension based on the outrageous camber he had.

Oh well, if I ever see this guy again I'll have to ask him what he has done to his car.:)