12 sec recipe

'06 stang

New Member
Jun 3, 2005
I already have a BamaTune 91 Race tune with CAI and synthetics in the engine and rear in my '07 auto. I took the spare tire and jack out to save a few pounds and replaced them with an electric pump and tire slime. Race weight with me is about 3750-3775lbs. I will get an accurate weight at the track. Would an off road H pipe and UDP's get me close to 12.9's-12.8's with the stock tires and good track conditions. Or would a stall convertor and drag tires and/or an aluminum driveshaft be a better bang for the buck. I want to keep it stock as possible. I am not interested in nitrous, long tubes, delete plates..ect. I might go with 3.73's at a later date. I hope to baseline my car next weekend at Beech Bend if the weather cooperates. My ultimate goal is 12.50's with tires. THANKS
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