180 thermostat

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if you get the car retuned so that the radiator fans come on sooner, then the 180* t-stat helps keep the engine cooler. with the engine being a little cooler, you can run a tad more timing.
Modern engines are designed to run hotter than their earlier counterparts. I beleive the lower t-stat trick is just a hold-over from the carb days. Running too cold on an EFI engine can have drawbacks. I think you should just leave the stock t-stat in there alone.

The lower t-stat was a trick from the carb days to be able to run more timing & run richer... and on boosted FI applications, its good to aid in the prevention of detonation. Not worth running anything less than the 196* t-stat on a N/A street driven car. Gas mileage will get worse the lower you go. More wear and tear on the internals with a colder t-stat on our cars too. These things are designed to run hot.