190lph pump


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Feb 17, 2009
I just put a 190lph pump in my 1990 gt that has intake, headers, pullies, TB, and 73 ml mass air. What is a good setting for my FPR now that the car is probably getting more fuel than it really needs? Keep it at 40psi or lower?
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Stock fuel pressures.

Allow the computer and injectors to do their job. I don't see where your mods necessitated a larger fuel pump but it's done. The larger fuel pump isn't causing your car to 'get more fuel than it really needs'. What is not used by the injectors is being returned to the fuel tank by the regulator.

On that note: a 190lph fuel pump is it's MAX. Not what it's pumping out as you cruize down the road. One other small note is that 190s will internally bypass fuel before it even exits the tank with excessive volume or pressures (roughly 60 psi). 255s don't have that same limitation. What's funny is that they're all made by Walbro and I've never been able to figure out why the 190s are designed that way. hehe

Anyhow... that last part is only important if you plan to use boost along with an FMU.
Actually my friend Im getting ready for HCI install in 2 weeks and went ahead and put the 190lph in. It will be a NA combo. Is that a good thing or bad thing with 190lph bypassing fuel? I never heard of that. Thanks DGR!
It's not a bad thing and will not effect you so long as you don't do anything to try and ramp fuel pressures up (i.e. FMU, cranking up the FPR, etc.). Even with an HCI, aftermarket fuel rails, and larger injectors, you won't be able to hit the volume limitation where it by-passes. You should be just fine. :)