1965 Mustang 200 inline six-Power rack and pinion upgrade


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Jul 19, 2020

In need of some guidance...I would like to install the TCP power rack and pinion system with their power steering pump but TCP does not offer the mounting bracket for the pump for this six inline engine. It just offers a mounting plate that requires fitment and machining. Thought of the Saginaw power steering pump that comes with the appropriate mounting bracket for the six cyl engine but the flow rate is a lot higher (2.8-3.1 GPM) than what the TCP needs (1.8-2.8 GPM). Thought that maybe I could orifice it to decrease the flow rate to the TCP requirements, which is something I still need to pursue.

The other option I have been looking at is the Speed Direct power rack and pinion that comes with the Saginaw pump and bracket but I do not know how reliable the system is?

Are any of the members familiar or has used this Speed direct power rack and pinion that could give some comments?
Any other options that you can comment would be appreciated.
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Sep 30, 2006
Nashville TN
Would the TCP front coil spring suspension or the Global West work with the Unisteer Rack or any other one?
Comments are appreciated.

The racks will work regardless of the suspension as long as you are retaining the stock(or stock-type) spindles...the steering arms on the spindles are where the outer tied rods from the rack attach. That being said, I am going to warn you now that you are likely to lose turning radius going to a rack and pinion. Manufacturers went to rack and pinion systems as a cost saving measure...they are not superior to steering boxes. I highly suggest having your stock box rebuilt instead...or possibly upgrading to a Borgeson box instead of rack and pinion. The only real advantage to a rack and pinion system is that SOME of them(generally power racks) have a quicker steering ratio...but with a reduced turning radius what are you really gaining? There are reasons to go to rack and pinion, but its not the straight upgrade many would make it out to be....if I were to do it it would purely be a header space thing.