For Sale 1973 Q code 4 speed FS


Sep 8, 2020
Thinking of selling the 73 coupe, as it says, Q code 4 speed car. 9" rear. Needs pretty much everything body wise, and interior, but runs and drives. Oh yeah, brakes dont really work either, but hurst shifter seems to work fairly smoothly.
Need 3100 cdn out of it so I guess that means asking 3400. Its located in Saskatchewan. Would rather sell to someone who would restore it as it seems a shame to part out what Im told is kind of a rare car.
73 start.jpg
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The asking price is in CDN. Which would translate to about 2400 and change. Used working 4 speed trans, good working hurst shifter, manual pedal set up. Running cleveland engine ( even if only core price ) and 9 inch differential. I would have thought added up to more than 500. Maybe parting it out is the way to go.