1979 302 dipstick


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Dec 19, 2004
Ok the other day me and my buddy was putting my c5 into my mustang and noticed the dipstick was missing like the tub and all.I went to autozone to pick up anotherone and i was woundering where does the thing go. And another thing is a few guys been telling me that the c5 im putten in it wont even have enuf power to smoke the tires. But the funny thing is that my old courger had a c5 in it and it was pretty quick and my stang is lighter than a courger. So is the no power thing true or what? :shrug:
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C5 Transmission? The dipstick should go into the front of the trans case, just behind the bell housing on the pass side, and just above the pan rail. Most of these are just like case fill C4's. Note that there is a pan fill version of the C4, where the dipstick goes into a fitting on the pan.
As far as power, the C5 is just a C4 with some more valvebody stuff to shift smoother, and in many cases, a lockup torque converter.

Should be just as good as a C4, if they are both stock.