Brakes 1983 4 to 8 brakes upgrade ?


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Oct 4, 2022
Blain PA
I am picking up a 1983 4 cylinder car. I am planning on converting it to a 302. For the brakes I have a set of 91 v8 spindles. My plan is to upgrade the fronts to the 91 v8 spindles and brakes. As for the master cylinder would it make more sense to use a 91 master cylinder and prop valve since the 91 has 3 ports. If I get a complete brake line set this seems like it would be rather easy. I also will be switching out the 7.5 for a 8.8 rear. Just looking for some advice. Thanks !
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Aug 8, 2003
I agree, i don't think i would make the effort.
Skip straight to 94/95 spindles. You are taking the whole thing apart anyway.
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Oct 28, 2001
Jenks, OK
SN95 brakes are the tits and are what the Fox cars should have come with from the factory. Reason for the 94-95 spindles is here:

They are getting harder to find but if you can hit up some of the smaller salvage yards you can usually still find them on the V6 cars. @Mustang5L5 is pretty sharp on the swaps and has a really good thread on it here:

Again, my vote would be the SN95 swap but run the '99 to '04 front calipers from a V6 or GT car as they are twin piston PBR's and greatly help with clamping force vs. the single piston units on the 94-98 v6's and GT's. Wheel selection is waaaay better as well vs the 4 lug stuff.