Expired 1990 Mustang Coupe - 347 Stroker - 75% Complete Project, Drives Great - $5000 (north Port, Fl)

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Dec 18, 2006
1990 Mustang Coupe running, driving project. Very fast, 12 second car.

Matt - nine-four-one 626-7528
Text anytime, call after 5pm

Project car that I can not afford to complete the way it should be completed. I purchased a stock GT about 6 years ago, and have since stripped all equipment and transferred into a 4 cylinder coupe body. The following is my explanation of the condition of the car, but keep in mind I can start it at anytime, and drive it! I think the price I am asking is fair, and if I must go any lower, will keep it and finish it myself.

May partially trade for any automatic coupe - Honda Prelude, Accord, Acura Integra, etc

Status of car:

Needs some body work and then painted. I have most trim, needs new roof rail moldings around doors, outer door belt moldings, dew wipes.

Needs stereo system finished, have a decent head unit, need door and rear dash speakers, and wiring figured out. Have Soundstream Rubicon 500 amp ready to go installed.

Interior is in decent shape, painted it black, I do wish I had known to dye it, even though I used expensive plastic paint.

Seats in decent shape, driver side has small hole. Dash & cluster in great shape.

Weather strip in windows replaced, window/door channel, door to body, trunk all new. Driver side damaged though.

It is "fussy", and takes some getting used to as far as idling upon start up. Good after it is warmed up. It is a fast ride, but reliable, not overheating, etc.

A/C is intact! Simply needs a seal changed, and charged.

Door locks work perfect. Driver side power mirror isn't working. Window motors work, but I would change them, a little weak.

Trunk has been redone, looks good, amp is mounted in spare wheel well, with custom frame built to hold up trunk floor.

Front end has maybe 3000 miles on it, ball joints, inner/outer tie rod ends changed, new power steering rack & pump installed. 94 style alternator.

Engine modifications:

D.S.S. short block, 347 Stroker, forged pistons, 5140 forged rods, cast crank:


Trick Flow Stage 2 Cam
Trick Flow Track Heat Upper & Lower Intake
AFR 185 Heads, 2:02 intake & 1:60 exhaust Manley Race valves
Pro Comp 1.6 ratio adjustable roller rockers
C&L 76mm Mass Air Meter
30lb Injectors
70mm BBK Throttle Body
Cold air intake
Hamburger 7 quart oil pan
Professional Products 28oz Harmonic Balancer
28oz flexplate

Factory computer, no chip, factory ignition and distributor.

Rebuilt AOD transmission, updated with 4R70W internals and gearing, hardened input shaft, 2800 rpm stall converter. Large transmission cooler added.

**Have a new Lokar TV pressure cable to install. The transmission was set up to not shift in to 3rd gear when in drive, but now does. Can be fixed if you want, will require dropping valve body, but fine if you do not want to.

Summit 3 core aluminum radiator, factory Lincoln Town Car electric fan (works better than most aftermarket!!). Car does not get hot at all, I'm actually impressed by this!

MAC equal length headers
MAC offroad H-Pipe
Flowmaster 2-1/2" 2 chamber mufflers w/ dumps

Aluminum driveshaft
Factory 8.8 rearend, rebuilt Traclok, 3:73 gears
BFG Drag Radials
UPR billet adjustable castor/camber plates
KYB GY-2 shocks and struts
Lowering springs, 1.5" in front, 1" in the rear (rides good)


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