1990 Mustang Pedals

Pedro William

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Apr 12, 2014
I recently bouth a 1990 5 speed manual. I noticed that the clutch cable was not original on this car so I decided to upgrade with a good kit that includes fire wall adjuster , new cable and the triple hook quadrant.
when I got underneath the dash to install the quadrant I found out this quadrant can not fit there. The distance between the pin and the shaft where it goes are about a little over 1 inch further. I suspect this pedals might belong to a six cilinder or a different car.
I confirm I have the proper quadrant, Ineed help to solve this problem:

1) how can identify this pedals ?
2) are the set of pedals all different between 4,6 and 8 cilinders?
3) what options do I have? Should I try to the get the right pedals? A different quadrand may work?
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A picture is worth 1000-words.
Distance between the upper pin and lower bolt are about an inch shorter than quadrant holes for installation, in other words quadrant seems to be bigger . I got the Satin triple hook quadrant ( 3004-03 )


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