1991 Ford Mustang LX 5.0


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Mar 18, 2021
Hi All,

Looking to get your feed back on this. I purchased a 1991 Ford Mustang 5.0 LX Convertible. I'm thinking about selling this project of mine.

How much do you think I can sell it for?

No rust at all!

I have spend about 6k in just parts. Here is a run down of some of the new/used parts.

1. Oxygen Sensors - L and Right
2. Emissions system
3. AC system redone
4. Electric Fan
5. Mishimoto Radiator
6. New fuel filter
7. New spark plug
8. Spark plug wires
9. 130 AMP alternator
10. EGR
11. new door/window switches
12. power door/window switch bezels
13. Convertible top motor
14. new convertible top hoses
15. (1) Hydraulic
16. Felt window guild
17. Used rear quarter panels
18. carpet for rear quarter panels
19. Door weather stripping
20. Sound proof sheets
21. new rear brake lights
22. complete 5 lug upgrade kit for front and rear - 1800.00
23. new light and convertible switch
24. New lock switch
25. Chilton and Electrical, and CD manual
26. New 130amp cable
27. Console and the dash has been dyed - black
28. Used steering wheel.
29. New battery tray
30. new CAI box
31. new TPS
32. new Cap nd rotor
33. New Mach 1 front and rear seats upholstery
34. new form for front seats
35. front seat switch
36. New year core


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Five grand..Still needs the big money things. Somebody who can do a top and paint would do well. If it were mine I would bring it to our local Econobake.paint shop after I sanded it down. Did my own top, not hard. If the interior was very good six grand
Same car as this right?
Where I live I can go to the spanish body shops. My friend got his F150 painted for $350, and it looks good. One stage paint, but if you take car of it. Those guys could do a top too. It's all in the game.
Same car as this right?
yes, same car.
I'm getting a Jeep Wrangler next week, and I can't sleep at night-dreaming of painting it myself. I have never painted a car.
I am at the point that I would do a camo job with the rattle cans you can buy to do it with on a jeep .... Easy, no worries where you park, get a scratch in it NO BIGGIE...LOL I am tired of garage queens
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Put 40k miles on it since April too! :scratch:
Nope, I got screwed when I bought it. The previous owner said it had 91,000 miles on it. While working on the car, I noticed a lot of parts were missing which were not visible at the time of purchase. For what I saw i figured i could buy the parts, but MAN! I was wrong. Not all the parts are made anymore. In addition, I did not run a carfax and it's costing me big time. Therefore, I have replaced most of those missing parts either new Ford, used eBay, LMR, American Muscle, CJpony, or junkyard.

The car fax reported some 36,248 miles in 02/2000 and 03/1998 it had 88,234. So as of today it has 91, 846.

The car needs:
1. New carpet and door panels 900+
2. convertible top 300+
3. One hydraulic - 100+
4. New paint - 4000+
5. New bumper over - 600 +
6. Some weather stripping
7. New hood
8. Windshield wipers and motor

If I can't get back what I at least spent on it, then I will keep it and learn as I go and leave it for my girls. I'm an IT Security guy so all this mechanical stuff is new to me. But I'm learning.

As I was driving it home. A lot of people would give me thumbs up. People who know about these type of car really appreciate them. And when its all fixed up I know people will be asking about it.

Some of the parts I mentioned in my previous discussion I still have in boxes. However, the car has no rust at all and all the VINS are on all the parts. Car sounds nice, everything is still stock but the parts I've replaced.

I've learned and wont do the mistake again.
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I find Car Fax report mileages suspicious. The report for my 91 came up with 300k, 100K and 200k, and not in the right order. With a 30 year old car, what shape it’s in is more important than reports from an owner or a talking Fox.
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I find Car Fax report mileages suspicious. The report for my 91 came up with 300k, 100K and 200k, and not in the right order. With a 30 year old car, what shape it’s in is more important than reports from an owner or a talking Fox.

So Mass changed the way it records mileage now when you do your yearly inspection. If oyu have a 5 digit odometer, they report EXACTLY what is shown and do not ad the "1" or "2" to the number. So, a few years back i got my car inspected at 102K miles and it got entered as 2K miles. Now when i run a carfax i get all the errors and warnings showing there is a mileage discrepancy and such on my car. :mad:

I have no plans to sell the car and have owned it since 40K miles so i do know the true number, but still, that is a huge PITA for someone who might be trying to sell a car and this would kill some potential value.
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How about at an oil change where although the last digit for tenths of a mile is in a different color, the kid entered the mileage as six digits, no decimal place? That will make a big mileage discrepancy. So instead of 31k, one of my antique cars probably is reported as 312k miles. It makes DIY oil changes more worth the hassle.
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