1992 363ci Foxbody PIMPxs first start-up questions

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Jul 7, 2005
That is definatly the better fan of there's to use. The original one is crap, and can't push much air at all as its rated at around 2200 cfm. Our cars need a minimum IMO of 3000+ cfm. The fan you have there is rated around 3300 cfm so it should keep it nice and cool.
Oct 5, 2018
Do you guys know the theory of OP for the foxbody alternator? I have a 3g in it now and I have a green wire from Ron Francis for it to splice/wire into. Problem is is that I'm reading it's for when to tell the alternator to give a charge to the battery, and I can see nothing in the EVTM that would indicate the main harness I removed has any control of this. It seems to me that the wiring for the alternator is self-contained with the ignition wiring, and has no input from the ECU.

The ignition switch and it's related wiring UP TO the main harness is still in place. It makes me think that this was designed for people who have a custom ignition switch.