1992 5.0 LX rear too low


New Member
May 1, 2008
My stock 92 5.0 LX rear end sits lower than I'd like. Someone mentioned airbags???, not airshocks, what are they talking about? What is the best way to be able to adjust the rear, depending on if you have a passenger in the rear or not. If I simply put different springs in the front, would my ride be stiffer? Any advice? Thanks JIM
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You have plenty of options here. you could do a stiffer spring all the way around with upgraded shocks. If you go with springs check out maximum motorsports they make some stiff springs, also try weight jacker lower control arms from maximum motorsports, or granatelli if you want to go the slightly cheaper route. Just my 2cents.
Are they stock springs? IF not, put stock springs in it. Or you could get some Granitelli Motorsport LCA's. You can raise the car two inches from stock and lower it one inch from stock. They are good for 79-98 cars, and are 200 bucks.
They are stock springs in the car now, what's the benefit of going to new LCA's vs. a different or higher spring? Is it cheaper? It appears for $200 bucks using the LCA's I get raise that sagging rear end up by 2 inches, great.