Expired 1992 Gt - Must See!! Cash Or Possible Trade

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Jun 12, 2008
Beaumont Tx
I picked this car up to have a clean, mild daily driver. I bought it as a roller with no motor or trans. I bought it from up by Austin, so its a clean rust free car.

I bought the car and then purchased a clean low mileage motor (76,000 miles) from MPS in Georgia. It does have a small cam, probably a E-303. I also picked up a fresh Tremec 3550 5-spd trans. Also went ahead and put a new clutch kit and Flywheel in while I was at it.

Also went through the AC and put all new hoses, drier, orfice tube, o-rings etc. Blows nice and cold!

It has all factory black interior. Has two little small screw holes where the gauge pod was mounted to the dash. Can be filled with something . Just haven't had time to do it. I did also put a Pioneer radio w/bluetooth and Kicker speakers in the other day.

The battery was mounted in the rear hatch. Being a nice clean driver I didnt want the battery back there so I moved it back under the hood. Bought brand new battery tray, hold downs etc. All wires under the hood have been tucked behind the fenders fora cleaner look.

I just changed out the springs on the front coil overs to 12"-250# springs and added some stock replacement Monroe struts. Also put new Monroe shocks on the rear.

Paint has a few little minor flaws , but have to look for them. This is not a $10K paint job but overall very nice and the red looks great in the sun! There are a couple of small spots on the top of the drivers front fender that looks like someone bumped an airline against the wet paint. I'll try to take a picture but kinda hard to see.

Cobra rear bumper
New headlights
New Foglights
3 inch Cervini (not a cheapo) cowl hood - painted underneath too
New Weatherstripping throughout the car.

New Pioneer radio with Ipod hookup
New door pins/bushings
New door strikers
New hatch striker
New rubber bumpers on hatch
New headliner
LED bulbs installed in instrument cluster

Tubular K-member
Adjustable Caster/Camber plates
Welded in subframe connectors
Drive Shaft Safety loop
8.8 with 3:73 gears
Maximum Motorsports weight jacker rear lower control arms
16" Ponies with good tires

Tremec 3550
New Poly Transmission mount
New UPR Shifter, new shifter boots, new trim ring
New King Cobra clutch kit (Disc, pressure plate, throwout bearing, pilot bearing)
New Ford Motorsports flywheel
New vehicle speed sensor and speedometer gear

Low mileage 92 model 5.0
New gear reduction starter
New belts, hoses, heater hoses, Mobile 1 oil etc.
3g Alternator conversion
All wiring under the hood has been tucked behind fenders
BBK cold air intake kit - filter behind fender
BBK Full length headers
BBK Off-road H-pipe
New tailpipes w/polished tips
Energy suspension engine mounts

This car was just finished. Runs good, looks good, and gets lots of looks and comments anywhere I take it. It's not a showroom new car. It's 21 years old, but nicer than most. I do have a clear blue Tx title. No salvage title or complicated title issues like a majority of the cars on Craigslist.

I'm not in a bind to sell the car, and honestly the more I do to it and drive it I feel like keeping it lol. I listed it for $8500 and told myself if I don 't get that I'll just put the cover over it and keep it till I have time for it. Not trying to be a jerk, just trying to save us both time. May also consider trades up or down for a nice coupe, a C5 or C6 Corvette, or a Jeep Wrangler.

May also consider selling as a roller for the right price










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