1995 Mustang 3.8 Possible Fuel Injector Problems. Looking For Assistance.


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Oct 4, 2013
So I was driving up a hill yesterday, doing about 20mph, all of a sudden I can't give it gas anymore... I figure maybe the car stalled or something. So I shut it down, start it back up...now I can't rev the engine or move at all. After holding up traffic for about 15 minutes or so I start it back up one last time and now I can rev it, so I throw it into 1st gear and make it up the hill, turn right at the light, and off to a side street. Then I can feel it starting to die down again, so I pull over and it stops running again as I'm going to park. Happened 1 more time, finally called a tow truck and had it moved over to my house for now until I can figure out what to do with it. Any ideas?
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I'd lean towards a fueling issue as well but likely not your injectors (those wouldn't fail all at once). Check your fuel pressure, especially if you can get it to act up again. I'd suspect maybe a fuel pump going out on you.
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Sounds like an issue I had with my CCRM. Basically, the engine relay in the CCRM would trip, cutting off all electrical power to the engine. RPM's would drop until the engine died. Sometimes it would restart immediately, sometimes it needed a few minutes. When it restarted, it fired right up like nothing was wrong.
With almost limitless possibilities it points to the need to pull the trouble codes to see what events are being logged by the ECU. Any codes present may get you started in the right direction.