1996 Saleen #277


Mar 26, 2009
Metro Detro
This puppy looks beautiful and a heck of a deal, but hasnt sold for a while now, i wonder if the owner is a member on here. I wish i had 10k to throw at another car id lovee to have this thing parked in my garage.

1996 saleen mustang

Heck i got almost 11 grand into mine and i still dont have a blower. There is too many good deals out there right now

or this 98 snake laser red sure is pretty as well.

1998 SVT Mustang Cobra Convertible

I remember when i was looking for a mustang in 2007-08 there was no way in heck you could find a cobra convertible for under 10 grand.
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i've seen the saleen in person and it's not as nice as it looks. the paint is fading and looks rough like it was in an accident. it may not be the same one i suppose but the one i seen had that same setup right down to the red wires. the cobra looks like maybe a good deal though. oh and i thought you bought your dad's car. must have missed something. wut did you buy?