1997 Cobra mod help, spend my $500


New Member
May 28, 2004
Ok had $500 to spend last month on my '97 Cobra so I went with the consensus on here and went with 4.10 gears as my first mod.....well I have another $500 to spend so what to do next? Exhaust? Don't want to spend $$4 on CAI, I feel that trimming the silencer so that it is flush with the fenderwall is a better option since it's free, so where to put this $500? Thanks guys...Richie
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you could do catback for about 300 and than i would throw on a hpipe w/ no cats (headman) for around 115.......build a cold air intake for around 20buck w/ pvc and fitting (refer to mustangworld.com (do it yourself article).....than you got good flow...that should free up some good old hp

unless you are completely machanically retarded there is no logical reason to spend 100-200 dollars on a cold air intake. The ones you make are just as good if not better if done right. It is so easy...and its something to do on downtime. Spend your money somewhere else...even headers because stock headers are EXTREMELY pinched.