2.3 to 5.0


Nov 27, 2005
So i was searching looking for some information on swapping my 2.3 to a 5.0. Some people keep telling me i need to upgrade the front suspension or something like that. I know ppl out there have done the swap any info on what all needs to be done?
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Feb 17, 2001
Indianapolis, Indiana
I would recommend you post this same question in the 5.0L forums.

Most of the people here like the 2.3L or are doing turbo swaps. Most here are not trying to convert to a 5.0L therefore we are not the best source of info for the swap.

However in the 5.0L forum you will probably find a large number of guys who have bought 4 cylinder cars and have converted them over.


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Dec 22, 2006
5.0 swap

I have done this swap. It is not hard. The best way to do it is to have a donor car right there to do the swap. I didn't do it this way but I lived close to a guy that has a mustang junk yard. You can keep the rear end . I put a posi unit out of a Turbo Coup T-Bird in it, its a Auburn. My 4cyl car already had 3.73 gears. You will need to upgrade the fuel pump, a 190lph is good, and have the fuel lines from the tank to the engine compartment. Any 5.0 exhaust will work, you will need the muffler brackets from the 5.0 car. I left the suspension stock 4 cyl. I up graded it over the years. Added Ford B-springs, then upgraded to 5.0 brakes, the 4 cyl has 9in. rotors compared to 5.0 11in. rotors, 4cyl brakes stop like crap when you add that V8 under the hood. For the brake swap you will need 5.0 rotors, calipers, spindles, and struts. For the trans you will need the 5.0 trans cross member for the duel exhaust. I started out with a auto trans, but a few years later swaped to a 5 speed, their definatly alot faster. You will need the computer and wiring harness from the 5.0 car as well. In the end it's easier to just buy a good used 5.0 car that needs no work, their cheep. I did this swap when I was 19, that was 11years ago, so if you have any questions e-mail me at [email protected].
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