2004 Mustang Exhaust Manifold problem (first timer)


New Member
Oct 23, 2021

I was recently driving on my way to visit my parents when my engine suddenly got louder. Eventually, I heard something get kicked up/fall. I (and my father) determine that it sounds like there is a hole in my muffler or the equivalent. 2 days later I opened up my hood to top up my power steering fluid (another story) and I noticed that the cap on my Exhaust Manifold is gone. I checked and there is escaping exhaust through it.

I think I found a replacement part (linked below) but I'm not entirely sure its the correct one so if anyone with experience could confirm, I would be grateful. Any other advise would be appreciated, either with the forum or this issue.



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That should work
Expensive though. Check their website for the dimensions
Where is your old pipe? with the tube nut?
You could just kink, weld or smash the factory pipe
That 20 buck piece would look clean
Put some antiseize on the new one and get it tight 40-50 lbs at least
So what happened with what was originally there? Do you have an EGR on the car? Was it removed and capped by you or someone else?

The threads do look clean like something was originally threaded on, so whatever was there did come off.