For Sale 2004 mustang GT Thornton, Colorado

jeannelle 101

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May 24, 2019
I'll be selling my 2004 mustang GT. Inside is a 9/10 and outside is a 8/10. It just got detailed by Adams polishes inside and out recently, this included a ceramic coat and paint correction. There are several rock chips on the hood as well as a few scratches on the driver side though. It has 115k miles and will be going up as it is currently my daily driver. It will come with 2 sets of wheels and 3 sets of tires. The first set is staggered cobra wheels from American muscle that have a new set of Toyo proxes r888r's. Second set is the stock Chrome's with a set of summer and winter tires. Winter tires were purchased in February. The car is currently tuned by elite performance for a 100 wet shot of nitrous and has an mgw short shifter. Other than the nitrous it does not have any other power mods. It will come with all stock parts I have for it as well. It has the premium Mach 1 sound system as well. Any questions please send me a pm! I am asking 7500 obo


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