2011 Mustang Gt Exhaust And Check Engine Light Questions


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Mar 24, 2002
Macungie, PA
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Watz up guys. Ive been out of the mustang community for a while but I have a few questions about a friends mustang.

Her ex boyfriend put a heartthrob axle back muffler delete on their 2011 GT. It is showing 2 codes for the catalytic converters. Is this from the exhaust? and if so what is the cheapest way to get rid of the codes?

Also getting codes for a cam sensor and a evap leak I believe. Any ideas here would be very helpful.

Lastly it needs 4 tires for inspection. It will be driven year round. What do u guys recommend to put on it?

Car needs to be inspected next month and her money is tight so just trying to help her get this figured out without spending a fortune.

thanks for your time guys
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