3.73's installed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (NO 56K!)

woop der it is!!!

3.73's were installed today by my mechanic!!! his website will go up on Tuesday or Wednesday, he needs to write the front page opening statement to his liking, and add a few things to his services offered page.

here's the pics. the carrier bearings on the old 3.27's were badly pitted, and he said it was only a matter of time before the rear end had gone out. (talk about timing!) he said I should have heard it making noise if it hadn't been for my exhaust being so loud.

but I dropped the car off this morning and went and pulled a double at work today, he let me take his truck to work, then when he was done, he brought the car up to my work and dropped it off and picked up his truck...for some reason the speedometer isn't working, but I'm gonna post up a thread over in Tech Talk and see if anyone knows.

she runs like a striped-ass ape now! I like it...plus my clutch feels a hell of a lot stiffer than it was, the shifter seems a little tighter, all a big plus, and I don't have the damn backlash like I did with the stock gears...and it feels a hell of a lot better and smoother, and a lot faster :D

here's the pics.

yeah that's my mechanic...goofy looking bastard, but he's a smart mechanic...and he does damn good work.
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Look at them carrier bearings...ouch!
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Please ask me how much my supercharger cost
Apr 6, 2004
Texas City TX
Why not try washing and cleaning your vehicle?


na jk :)

Congrats on gears man i know mine felt pretty damn good when i got them put in...I wish i had a mechanic like that in my area he seems like a really good guy! Your lucky, I've found a lot of people from the nashville area are just plain good people like that...


10 Year Member
Dec 6, 2004
Nice, my carrier bearings were shot pretty bad also.

I have them in storage so I can look at them and laugh, lol. Actually, I got pretty much all the old parts from my swap still. Oh well, im a car part pack rat.

Have fun with them, it will be a nice difference.