302 Clutch Ball Mount Stud Block Changes


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Apr 25, 2010
I hope ya'll don't mind an F100 truck guy asking some questions on the StangNet. It just seems that when it comes to 302's there is just a whole lotta knowledge here and the Mustang catalogues carry a lot more stuff for 302's than my truck catalogues. I'm rebuilding a 71 truck and wanted to upgrade my 302 to a roller with serpentine belt. I found an original 92 5.0 HO at the pick a part today and brought it home. Only when I started to run down my checklist in my head did I notice that the block was different from the early 302's on the rear driver side part of the block. The early ones had a hole tapped for the clutch bar pivot stud and this 92 has no such animal.

Many thanks for any help!


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