331 Twin Turbo Notch(What gears?)

I'm planning my twin turbo 331 notch and was thinking what kind of gears I should go with. I have 410s now and I know that they will have to go I hate them. I like to have gears that have great driveability and still have a good launch. I had 373s in both of my cars but, think that might be too much for a turbo car. I was thinking like a 327 gear so I can have goo top speed on highway. Also I'm running a t56. Give me your opinions.
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I have read a little about gearing for a turbo car and from what I can gather you want a gear that loads the turbo. I have to guess that a 3.27 gear would be a good choice mabye even a 3.08. With the additional torque of a 331 and twin turbo gearing may be an issue. It will aslo depend on the trim you choose to run and turbo lag. Alot of variables to think of, but very important. Set out to map the entrie setup with a turbo expert- gears, which turbo, trim, and horespower and driveability goals. A slight mis-step will result in less than expected goals. I have thought about doing a turbo but cant decide to take that project on. My thoughts would be a lightweight notch with a 347 with single turbo and an auto. Thats as far as I have gotten. I assume you have seen the forums at Turbomustangs.com??
Yeah I've seen the forums on turbostangs. I have a Lentech I need to sell in the future for my T56. I like having a higher gear ratio car the besides the turbos fill the gap anyway with power. Its nice to be able to take a car at highspeed on the highway. I hate my 410s
Its not that 4.10s are bad just not in that setup you plan. The turbo will spool up fast on every shift and may run out of steam before you get going. Maybe I'm wrong but a 3.27 would be a good start.