351 head choices


Dec 26, 2004
Ok, I had a post ealier with no responsed, so let me rework it a bit.

I will be building a 351/410-427 stroker. I already have a set of track heat twisted wedge heads from my old 5.0. Engine will be forced induction with a d1 procharger or turbo of similar cfm. Car is driven 1000-2000 miles a year and will see trips to the track when time allows but will have all require chassis mods(10pt cage, through floor subframes, torbue boxes done, etc.)

Should I sell them and buy something like afr 205 or 225? or can I have them ported to suit my needs? If so, where is the best place to send them? I am in Louisiana if it matters.

For mainly street use, would the Trickflow R intake(standard, not box upper) or the edebrock super victor/ spider type intake be better? I am leaning more towards the R for lower RPM use on the street.

Thanks for the help
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It will definatly be a stroker. Just undecided as far as final cubic inches.
What would the main difference between box stock AFR 205s and having mine CNC ported to 205 be? I guess that is what I have really needed to ask all along.
depends on the cost of the porting. If it cost more to make your heads like 205's why not buy the 205's and sell your old heads? I think supercharged you won't see much of a difference between your worked heads and out of the box 205's
So now I just need to decide where to send them and pick out an intake.
Guess I need to start emailing different compainies to get their take on everything. Probably start with TEA and Fox Lake. Any other places?