$4000 to spend

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Im really looking at getting blown but worried about how my stock motor will handle it, also the 2 kits Im intrested in are the KB 9psi intercooled and the Pro-Charger 8psi intercooled. I have also thought about a possible turbo setup, any info?
my thoughts would be to build up the engine first. some nice cams and springs, then either some new heads, or P&P your stock heads. then build the infamous bottom end. that should be around 4k right :shrug: if you have any left, then maybe some appearance mods. but im w/ you, im a little skeptical about throwing a blower on a stock engine. btw, what roads in austin do you drive a lot? im on 620, 2222, 183, 360, that area. also, are you a member of austin area stangs?
If I were you I would save a bit more and the get the KB 9 psi IC Kit. The kit was engineered for use with stock motor and hence you should have no worries...your stock motor will handle it very well and will love it. Just don't get too crazy increasing the boost past 9 psi without the necessary precautions!!! If going blown is not an option, then I would get cams, LT headers...