4R70w Transmission Level Confusing?


New Member
Jun 21, 2020
Drained all fluids out of 98 GT transmission including the converter. I filled back up with about 5 quarts, Started the car and cycled through the gears. I then added more fluid till the level on the stick looks good. At operating temp it was good and I drove around the block, came home an fluid was good. next day I check the level cold and it was good. I got to operating temp and check again and the stick is dry. I added more and drove around the block. Came home and dry. I shut it off and let it sit. Next day came back and it was good while cold. Almost like too much was in. I started it and warmed it up and the stick is dry. I let it cool and it looks like too much. It has been that way for a few days so im scared to drive it. It will go into gear with no problems and shift. It has never done that before. I did an engine replace so I did drain it all out and replace the lines. I have the top line coming out of the radiator going into the top of the trans. and of course the bottom line coming out of the radiator going into the bottom of the trans. Do I have them backwards? I do remember everytime I flush the trans I disconnected the top radiator line and it would gush out of the radiator not the line, so it was the return line. But is the top of the trans the return also? I didn't take pics.Ive heard and read and diagrams in my book shows the top of the trans is the return. sorry so long winded, just want to get all the facts in there. Thanks.
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