50resto 5 lug conversion worth it?


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Oct 30, 2007
well where im at there is absolutely no junk yards and im trying to convert my notch to 5 lug.this seems like a pretty decent deal but i was just wondering if anybody has herd or used it themselves?
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It's basically Ford OEM parts. Unsure if they are actually Ford parts or part store brand rotors.

Basically they are Mark 7 rotors, ranger drums and ranger axles along with seals bearings and fluids.

It's good if you want to get everything in one package deal.
In short, no they are not worth it. Do a search for ANYWHERE with bone yards, even if it means driving a distance. Just make sure the area in question has more than just one bone yard.

The savings in money will be worth it. All in all the only things you really need to get are the front spindles/hubs, and rear axles and mounting hardware. You won't want to use bone yard calipers or hoses anyway, get those from your local auto parts store.
unless you want to run 95 cobra r's or waffle rims no they are not worth it.

check the boneyards and the classified over at corral. plenty of people are upgrading brakes over there and are looking to unload their stuff. andlike said earlier buy calipers and hoses new. I shelled out good money for a set of PBR calipers and the rubber around the pistons was shot. dealer wanted an ungodly sum of money for the gaskets. was like 20 dollars more to get new calipers from the 'Zone.
i just bouht everything in seperate deals and i am at 180 and that is with already turning the rotors which were new to begin with.add another 20 for fluids and i am done.i have the 96 split spoke wheel which i bought local for 175 and i have less than 400 in the whole kit.i bought the axles and rotors from the corral and the drums from ebay. good luck phil
I did the ranger rear axles and sn-95 front swap. Really not that hard or difficult. It's totally worth it to just do it the junkyard way if you have some decent yards within 30 miles. My only regret is that I guess a lot of explorers had 31 spline posi carriers and they swap right into your 8.8......wish I would have done that and just bought some 31 spline mosers right off the bat.
was worth it to me..

everything shipped to my door...NEW, including all new seals brakes and fluid.

It is true that there are rims you cant run, but I wanted those that you could..

My local j/y wanted 100 bucks for the ranger axles, and then to buy new rotors (not going to use used brakes....) and new drums, seals, and fluid, sure it was less, but not by a whole ton...
welll let me start off by saying i live in ft benning georgia,its an army post and the nearest decent yard is about an hour away.now for me to go that far i need to get a pass and for me to get a pass approved is really hard right now.

i know it sounds like a bunch of bs but thats how it is.