89 mustang core support


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May 21, 2023
I was wondering if anybody can help me out on this 89 mustang. I bought it a few months ago all in pieces. Ive got it like 3/4 done. Today I put the engine in and when I went to put the radiator in the fan was close when I put the top mounts on it the fan was hitting the radiator. I'm pretty sure the core support is bent. It's a convertible so it has the braces on the bottom and when I was looking at them I noticed the driver side looks like its bending upwards too. Would anybody have some messerments they could tell me? I did from the firewall to the core support using the radiator upper mounts to the top part of the windshield motor as my spots and I got driver side 39 1/8 inches. the passenger side was 39 inches. The bottom I used the rack and piñon bolts and got driver side 20 1/4 inches and the passenger side was 20 5/8. could somebody please send me what yours is? I'm thinking the bottom part is what's bad it does look a little bowed up. Also if you could tell me how far is your fan away from the radiator fins too. Thank you
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It should be the same as this. I can't find the lower chart.

thank you ill see how mine looks with this. but a few people have told me it looks like its pushed in on the lower part. the hood lines up so I'm thinking its the bottom.
This came up a few years ago on the fox measurements a while back. These are SN95, but they should be the same. It’s in the Stickys section. My frame measuring system didn’t go back to 87-93.


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