'66 Won't start on once hot.


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Jan 1, 2008
Hey Guys.

Ok. Was tunning the carb this morning (first time I've run the car longer then 5 minutes in the last 5 months), and all was going well. Starts up great when cold. Once its was up to operating temp and I turned it off. (had to tune the carb b/c i rebuilt it over winter. holley 1460 is it?).

Anyhow, went to restart it and it turns over good, but stalls out instantly. Fuel pump is running (electric) and the clear fuel filter is full. What's going on? Won't get to look at it till tomorrow. But batt is charged and alt is charging.

Timing too far advanced? She has been starting up great when cold/ not hot.

Did i miss something?

Thanks in advance.

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check that after you tried to start it and it shut off that there is not fuel still running into carb, look down the carb bores for fuel running from a stuck or not properly adjusted float.
no vacuum leaks. Can't tell, but there doest seem to be any fuel going into carb to flood it. Took off front bowl, and it seemed to be adjust properly (right where i left it last fall). Lowered it a bit to make sure. Didn't make a diff.

Seems like I have to rebuild this holley 1460 carb every 2 months. It did this last summer, and i rebuilt it and it was fine till the fall. I parked it then, and haven't messed with the carb till now.

stuck. will renew it again tomorrow and see how that goes.

any rust in the tank?

I had all kinds of problems with my engine stalling out. Checked and replaced all kinds of parts. Then when draining the tank, enough rust to fill up a salad bowl came out. Replaced the tank and the car ran just fine after that.

drained the fuel in tank (was clean), tank is only a couple of years old. New gas in now.

When i tried to start it once it died (when hot), stepping on the throttle didnt seem to help.

renewing carb right now, and changed fuel filters (where fairly new anyways).

update again.

wtf?! K. Renewed carb. All new gaskets etc, it was cleaned out (set floats again). All cables/vacuum connections are tight. And it STILL dies after being at operating temp for about 10minutes. Won't start. Turns over, but dies out. Can start it by stepping on it, but then dies out a secound later.

Thought maybe the oil pressure gauge sender was going bad, so just grounded the wire going to it (didnt make a diff).

Don't know how old the starter is, came with the car. BUT, it stalls out while idling after about 10 minutes. Should i try bigger jets in there? That shouldn't matter for idle tho. wtf is going on?

I'm thinking fuel pump. If the carb has been renewed, and all the other basics are covered, timing, vacuum lines, etc... and it happens at idle, then if it's running out of fuel it's either a faulty diaphragm, or a float.
As there isn't a 'load' on the engine, you aren't going to be able to check the rest of the system. Can you test your fuel pressure?
The fuel pump was only installed last year.

I"m think i was looking at this wrong. I checked the wiring for the pertronix coil, and its only hooked up to the stock wiring harness (I wired it the same to new harness, as it was when i bought the car). With ignition on, and car off, coil wire get 11.4v, and hooked onto coil with ditributor and elec. choke its showing just over 10v. BUT, i do recall only seeing about 7-9v when it was running. Its not hooked up to the key for a 12v source.

So, i have to try that and test spark once it gets hot. Either that, or the coil has gone bad (old and has lost some oil?).

But with kids today (wife is out shopping!) , so own't get a chance to wire iit in, but will hit parts store on our walk ;)

Finally fixed the problem.

It ended up being the coil. It was a pertronix installed by the last owner. He installed it to the stock ignition wire, so it wouldn't get 12v. Not sure if that wiring was the problem (accidently left ignition on ovre night and coil had boiled over/drained bat the next day). But wired in the new coil and fixed the hot/start/stalling problem. Now i have spark at all temps :)